Hanging out w/ Zoey at the poolside.  My husband and I nodded off first and when I woke up I found Zoey knocked out! A lady next to us said that while we both fell asleep, Zoey was playing w/ her bottle all by herself! This is such a priceless moment.  Of course, my straw … More Poolside

Meet TAM.

Tam is one of my three younger sisters. She and her fiance joined us on the cruise + while lounging around, I took some shots of her.  Tam lives in Miami w/ her fiance + their two dogs. Unlike me, who can barely jog for 10 mins if my life depended on it, Tam loves … More Meet TAM.

Leopard at Sea.

Hello! How was everyone’s weekend? Just got back from our cruise vacay and had the BEST time w/ my family. We are jet setting again this weekend, this time to NYC for more family affairs. Traveling is so not good for Zoey’s routine! While at sea we did a few photo/video sessions for my newly … More Leopard at Sea.