Yogurt: Six Ways

If you are starving and can probably eat a horse, I suggest you stop reading this (until you’ve filled your tummy with some nutrients). It’s like you don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Just a no no. Yogurt is the ONE thing that we always have in our fridge. Like always. We prefer the … More Yogurt: Six Ways

Ice Cream Friday

Happy Friday everyone! The team took Christie, our Marketing Intern, out for an afternoon ice cream treat to bid her farewell. It was her last day with us before she heads back to college. Because we work in the city, food trucks are abundant. We chose The Cookie Monstah food truck to celebrate the occasion. … More Ice Cream Friday

Raspberry Coconut Popsicles

Here’s another popsicle recipe that’s fairly simple, fun, delish, and so summer-worthy! All you need are two ingredients- coconut water/juice with pulp and raspberries. Add raspberries and coconut juice into popsicle molds. Freeze. Enjoy! How vibrant and pretty?! Your kids will enjoy making these and reaping the benefits! Happy almost Summer!

Wedding Dessert Table

My sister’s wedding is soon approaching! It’s been a while since the last wedding (mine) in our family. We are all so excited for her big day! I’m thinking of creating some sort of dessert table in the reception hall and have been searching for ideas. Below are some that has caught my eye, collected … More Wedding Dessert Table

Smell The Flour

Hello! Hope everyone’s enjoying your weekend. Yesterday, after a disappointing lunch (for me), we headed over to Flour Bakery & Cafe in Fort Point Channel for a tea break. It was relaxing and yummy. Totally made up for my not-so-satisfying lunch.  Here are some quick rushed snapshots taken by my phone. Pictures are blurry and not … More Smell The Flour

Mini Snow Candy Apples

Remember when I made Mini Sparkly Sugar Caramel Apples for Fall? This time around, in the spirit of the highly anticipated White X-MAS holiday, I’ve made some Mini Snow Candy Apples. Super festive, too cute to indulge, and really simple to make. Your guests will think that Martha Stewart’s in da house.  Making this is easy. … More Mini Snow Candy Apples

Whoopie Pie Spiders

Happy (almost) Halloween everyone! What’s everyone being for Halloween? We are not sure where we are taking Zoey trick or treating tomorrow but looking forward to some fun times! If you are planning to throw a Halloween get-together, here’s a really SIMPLE scary Halloween treat that’s fun to look at and super YUMMY! Not to … More Whoopie Pie Spiders

D’lish Frozen Yogurt

If you are in the South Florida (Hollywood/Ft Lauderdale/Miami) area, you must check out D’lish Frozen Yogurt. It’s a family friendly yogurt joint w/ tons of yogurt flavors + toppings to choose from. Plus, it’s healthy! My favorite flavor is the original tart. Very cool- an entire wall of pink glittery tiles! I haven’t seen … More D’lish Frozen Yogurt