Celebrate Artwork Collection

I think that everyday should be a celebration of some sort. If you think about all the positive things in your life, aren’t they worth celebrating? For example, the support of family & friends, the unconditional love of a loved one towards you, your children during their preteen yrs (remember when you thought they were … More Celebrate Artwork Collection

Heading to Germany!

I am so excited to share that my tea & coffee prints are traveling to GERMANY! Printed, protected, & ready to be shipped to Jana! One of my coffee prints from the ‘Anytime Coffee’ artwork collection. Jana, I hope you will enjoy them and I can’t wait to see how my prints will be adorning … More Heading to Germany!

Traveling the World!

Ever since watching Lord of the Rings and seeing the stunning locations of New Zealand where the trilogy was filmed, visiting this island country has been on my bucket list for the LONGEST time. We actually debated b/w traveling to New Zealand vs. going to Europe for our honeymoon. In the end, we chose Europe … More Traveling the World!


The weather outside is super gloomy and the sky is prepping to give us a heavy, unrelenting downpour. The only thing I feel like doing when Ms. Zoey finally snoozes is to have some ME TIME enjoying a frothy hot cup of cappuccino while reading the latest gossip section of the newspaper. Perfectly described in … More Thoughts

Introducing My FIRST Artwork “The Zodiac Vernis” Collection!!

Hello all! Finally, after many long months of sitting in front of the computer screen, endless hrs of envisioning + creating in graphic design programs, and having my creative wheels spinning at maximum speed, I am ready to launch my very first Artwork- The Zodiac Vernis Collection!! The Zodiac Vernis Collection consists of 13 individual … More Introducing My FIRST Artwork “The Zodiac Vernis” Collection!!