A Dinner Affair

Hello! How is everyone enjoying your Memorial Holiday? The weather has been horrible here in Boston…wet, gloomy, windy, and cold. So unlikely for this time of the year. We didn’t spend the weekend as planned but I did end up hosting a little dinner for 6 adults + 2 babies. It was a wonderful night … More A Dinner Affair

New Talent

Hello! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Just a few instagram pics to share… Zoey has a new talent…she takes amazing pictures! Took some lessons from daddy and was ready to point and shoot.  Since our camera’s so heavy, having the tripod was a big help for the little one! Last night the hubs prepared … More New Talent

Panko Fried Eggplant

You haven’t had fried food unless you’ve had fried eggplant. And you haven’t made fried food unless you’ve made them with panko. PERIOD. Bold statements there, I know. But TRUST ME on this. How delish does this look?!!! I usually use newspapers to soak up excess oil, however, in honor of fashion week, I’m using … More Panko Fried Eggplant

Bacon Fried Rice

If you guessed that I’m currently experiencing a slight food posting obsession, you might be right. Tonight, I made Bacon Fried Rice. Yes, m’ams and sirs, that wasn’t a typo. BACON. YUM. Fried rice gotta be the EASIEST and FASTEST way to get a meal on the table. And it’s pretty awesome b/c you can … More Bacon Fried Rice

What’s For Dinner?!

Hello! What is everyone having for dinner? The husband made an AWESOME + YUMMY dinner tonight. It was simple but so flavorful!! Perfect for an almost summer night. He seared a ribeye on a cast iron skillet (seasoned w/ salt & pepper) until it was perfectly (yes, it was quite PERFECT) medium, just the way … More What’s For Dinner?!

Fried Rice

This is really the fastest, most simple meal you can make. There are no rules when making fried rice and you can add just about anything you’d like to it. I usually add eggs, vegetables (varies), and Chinese sausage. Sounds typical.  Well, this time I didn’t have any typical ingredients so I added whatever I … More Fried Rice

Fried Everything!

Yesterday night was one of those nights. I was desperately craving fried foods. Everything fried! This heaping plate of fried goodness consisted of shrimp, onion rings, banana peppers, + eggplant.  Since I was on a roll with the unhealthiness, I also baked some cornbread with dried cranberries and pecans. Well, this wasn’t too unhealthy, I … More Fried Everything!