Best Dressed (Style for Rent Giveaway!), ends Sunday, Aug 23

Ever wished you could have flings with no commitments? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about that type of fling. We are talking fashion today. Fashion flings– that is. Well, good news for those who live in or around the Boston area! With Best Dressed, you could technically wear a different dress every single … More Best Dressed (Style for Rent Giveaway!), ends Sunday, Aug 23

My Lady Desk

Creating a little space where it’s all your own doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, my table was a thrifted find. Very well loved (aka beat up!) but we saw so much character, charm, and potential. We got it for less than $10. It was originally a cream yellowish color. My hubs added a few … More My Lady Desk

Sun and Sand

We make an effort to take the kids on a ‘family surprise field trip’ every weekend now that the weather is warm. It was such a brutal winter that this glorious nice weather feels like a gift. It wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t take advantage of it. Part of our parenting style is positive … More Sun and Sand

The Connection

Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of personal notes from my readers that really really touch my heart. I started this blog to share all the creative things that I naturally love to do. I honestly never thought about being an inspiration to anyone nor was it my goal. I just wanted to have a … More The Connection

Carpe Diem

Almost everywhere I go, my little notebook goes with me. I don’t have just one, I actually have many. I’m a little obsessed with adorable petite notebooks that can easily be tucked in my handbag. The latest one that I have is this tiny white leather bound notebook with the saying “Carpe Diem” on it. … More Carpe Diem

DIY: Clipboard Makeover + 2015 Shoe Fashion Illustration Calendar GIVEAWAY! (Ends March 20th)

I’ve been on a Spring cleaning rampage! Opportunity has presented itself where I can focus a lot more on transforming my house into a dream home and being more committed to this blog. You probably already know that our home renovation is in full swing (for the past year).  Now that I can dedicate much more … More DIY: Clipboard Makeover + 2015 Shoe Fashion Illustration Calendar GIVEAWAY! (Ends March 20th)


Isn’t just painful that you spend so much money on fresh flowers and they barely last for a week? I don’t care where  you get your blooms; we all face the same problem. Once they begin to wilt, the water starts to smell like mildew so the next logical step is to toss them out, … More Half-Wilted

The Mobile Closet

Despite living in a somewhat spacious home, I don’t have the closet of my dreams- yet. My future closet still remains on the ‘to be renovated’ list. Currently, my clothes and accessories are scattered across several rooms. The classic morning dilemma is racking my brain and exerting way too much energy trying to find that … More The Mobile Closet

Autumn in Boston

I am in love with my city.  And even more so in the Fall. It’s dreamy, charming, and full of character. I’ve roamed the streets of Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and Lisbon among other places outside of the US and I can honestly say, Boston has my heart. There are many hidden tiny places where if … More Autumn in Boston

Bridal Nails

It’s wedding season! Here are some bridal mani ideas curated by yours truly for Gloss48 that I think you’ll enjoy. This one’s for the more traditional bride who wants just the perfect touch of sparkles and glam. And this one’s for those brides who are more daring. “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” … More Bridal Nails