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My New Goal in Life.

Although I can splurge on certain things, I cannot bring myself to spend a couple of hard earning bucks on one itsy, bitsy, tiny yummy macaron. I love these miniature yummy morsels, but why do they have to be so darn expensive?! To put things… Read More

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Ms. Zoey @ the Sutton Place Hotel

We stayed at The Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver. Their decor reminiscent of French architectural.  Here are a few precious pics of Ms. Zoey on a French Provencial Chair.  A very happy baby. Always smiling so wide except for when she gets drowsy and then it’s… Read More

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Paris { Je T’aime }

Paris was our very first and last stops during our European honeymoon adventure.  What can I say about Paris? The first thing that I noticed is that the Parisian women are so stylish, polished, and beautiful. So much so that they are like artworks, too… Read More