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A Sprinkle of Red

The greatest pleasure about Spring is planning out our garden. Let me be clear, we live in the city with limited green space so when I say ‘garden’, I mean pots on the front doorsteps and a few bigger ones in our tiny backyard. I love… Read More

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Tuesday Tidbits

Today started off well. Before heading off to the market to pick up much needed necessities, I made a healthy smoothie consisting of nonfat greek yogurt, almonds, soymilk, and nectarine. It lasted me for a good couple of hours.  When I left the store, the… Read More

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DIY Floating Candle Holder

It seems like I haven’t done a DIY post in a while! Here’s one that won’t disappoint my fellow diy crafters. In fact, you don’t even have to be a Martha Stewart sorta person to nail this. We all know that when fall approaches, the… Read More

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A Long Weekend.

Hello! What’s everyone doing for the extended weekend? We have more family affairs to attend to this weekend. Many family members are in town from out of state and spending A LOT of time w/ us so Zoey’s sleeping schedule is once again disrupted. Poor… Read More

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Infused Water {homemade}

Hello! How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was great. My sister from NYC came to visit Ms. Zoey so we spent some quality family time w/ her. Sat night, we had a yummy Korean bbq dinner at the sis in law’s new place. And yesterday, while… Read More

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Garden Goodness

Hi! Do I have any gardeners here? One of the most joyous moments of summer for us is going to the garden and witnessing our fruits of labor. I may be bias, but things from the garden tend to taste that much better and of… Read More

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A Romantic Arrangement

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend! Mine was quite busy!! I am currently working on a project which I’m super excited to share SOON! I was product shooting and everything was made prettier w/ this whimsical + romantic arrangement that I made w/ the hydrangeas… Read More

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Peonies & Friday.

So it’s Friday and I’m sure you’re ecstatic! I remember that I used to have horrible Monday morning blues and when Friday comes, it was such a wonderful feeling. Here are some peonies from our garden to help get you through the rest of your… Read More

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Home Sweet Home

After living out of our suitcases for over a week, we are finally home! It feels so good to be back and living normal again. And what better welcome home gift than coming home to a bunch of peonies in bloom? I went through an… Read More

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The PERFECT Bouquet.

As some of you may already know, I just celebrated my first Mother’s Day! Wow. I am a mother. CRAZY! The day was perfect. Started off having a great lunch w/ family. Afterwards, while daddy and Zoey went gardening, I spent some quality time w/… Read More

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Tulips Galore

We went a little tulip crazy last week! Hey, gotta get ’em before they’re gone! Not sure what these flowers are called but we also grabbed one pot of this.  Have a GREAT day! ‘Til next post, Kellie. 

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Indoor Herbs

We currently have 4 pots of indoor herbs in addition to the ones that we grow in the garden. During the summer, I particularly like to add fresh mint to my water. It gives it such a refreshing taste. It’s nice to live in a… Read More

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Red Tulips, Red Boots.

Got some red tulips for the front of our house and I immediately thought how great it would be to have pictures of the tulips and my red ankle boots in one shot.  So, I planted the boots in front of the pots and snapped… Read More