My Bloom-tiful Buffet Table

Once again, I picked up some Monrovia plants to beautify our space. This time, they are sitting very pretty on my buffet table! I really wanted to enjoy these plants indoors prior to giving them a life sentence of being outdoors. Our dining room is so bright that I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have … More My Bloom-tiful Buffet Table

Happy Friday

Not much happening here in my little world. Just wishing you a lovely Friday! My home office as of late. The transformation is not yet complete but very close… If you are dying over this gold gilded vase, it’s actually a little DIY project that I created. In case you’ve missed it, please click HERE … More Happy Friday

Back to the Basics

To decorate without commitment, that is every girl’s dream. Imagine creating a wall photo collage where it requires so much planning, time, and effort only to tear it down because you’ve had a change of heart. It is just so painful. However, this is not the case with fireplace mantels. You can decorate it to … More Back to the Basics

Paris Spaces

They say in life, some things are meant to be. You’ll know immediately when you encounter the person, the experience, or the place. It’s that feeling that you’ve never felt before and when you actually do, everything feels right. For me, it’s my love affair with Parisian spaces. When I grow up, I want my home to … More Paris Spaces

Bedroom Makeover (Paradise Grey Wallpaper)

If you are looking for some bedroom makeover ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Recently, I worked on a project collaboration with Graham Brown using their Paradise Grey wallpaper for a mini bedroom transformation and the results were stunning… I’m not at all for bold colors (perhaps because I’m not generally a daring person) … More Bedroom Makeover (Paradise Grey Wallpaper)

Buffet Table Makeover

Here’s another trash to treasure makeover post… Our dining room is slowly but surely coming together. There’s this little corner below our DIY chalkboard that has been serving no purpose whatsoever. Well, that is no longer the case as we just added a buffet table to fill the voided space. Nope, not an expensive one- … More Buffet Table Makeover

Nothing To Say…

Ever have those moments when you really really want to say something but you have nothing to say? That’s exactly how I feel right now. My creative wheels are at a halt and I couldn’t think of anything worthy to share. Sometimes, I have my content calendar all planned out and other times I’m just … More Nothing To Say…

Workspace in Progress + J.Crew Office Desk Set Giveaway! (Ends Friday, June 26th)

Remember when I posted about this DIY: Clipboard Makeover post a whileeeeeee ago? Well, this was when I shared that I’m working on my home office makeover. Things around here move pretty slowwww. This space which is connected to my bedroom used to be Axel’s nursery. Also the reason why you’ll see blue/white pom-poms hanging from the … More Workspace in Progress + J.Crew Office Desk Set Giveaway! (Ends Friday, June 26th)

Butter Break

Happy Wednesday! With this post, I’m taking you into my dining room where some butter break action was happening. Ok, so what the heck is a ‘butter break’? It’s kinda like afternoon tea but instead of the petite pastries and teas being the highlight of the show, it’s actually the butter! Who doesn’t loveeee butter?! … More Butter Break

Spring-Ready Coffee Table (with Austin Leigh OC)

If you look outside my windows, you would see mounds of snow about 5 feet high. That doesn’t stop me from celebrating the arrival of Spring inside. Yep, I also realize that Spring doesn’t officially start until March 20th (I’ve marked my calendar!). So how does one actually prepare oneself for Spring? In my case, … More Spring-Ready Coffee Table (with Austin Leigh OC)

The Mobile Closet

Despite living in a somewhat spacious home, I don’t have the closet of my dreams- yet. My future closet still remains on the ‘to be renovated’ list. Currently, my clothes and accessories are scattered across several rooms. The classic morning dilemma is racking my brain and exerting way too much energy trying to find that … More The Mobile Closet

Inspiring Spaces

Good Saturday morning! What time do you usually wake up on the weekends? We’ve been up since 5am! Since then, I’ve made two batches of Chocolate Heart Barks for our neighbors who were so nice enough to save us a parking spot during the snowstorm. Also did a load of laundry and tidied up the … More Inspiring Spaces