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Hi! Hope everyone’s doing well. I just got the most adorable journal and I LOVE its message… “The grass is always greener on my side.” Don’t look elsewhere to find happiness, you create it within yourself. Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts. All the… Read More

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DIY Personalized Heart Artwork

It usually costs an arm and leg to get anything custom made and personalized. I mean, is it really that expensive to add on 2 initials?! This project actually came about while I was brainstorming for another project, which had everything to do with hearts… Read More

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Vietnamese Springrolls

Can’t believe I haven’t done a spring roll post yet! We usually enjoy this healthy dish almost once a month. And a lot more often during the summer and spring time with greens and herbs from our garden. This is a great option for those… Read More

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Refurbished Chalkboard

It’s been such a long long time that this chalkboard has been in storage. We got it used and refurbished it wayyyy before Zoey was born. What used to be an old, outdated, and beaten up chalkboard now looks more modern, baby-chic, and sooo Zoey… Read More

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An Inside Look

Like most of you, I don’t look forward to going to the Dr’s. office. The everlasting wait (regardless if you have an appointment), the crowd, rushed receptionists, the noise level…just an overall unpleasant experience. That was until we enrolled in this state-of-the-art practice created specifically… Read More

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DIY Mini Jewelry/Dessert Stands

Ever wonder what a candle holder is good for? Besides holding candles, obviously. Well, keep reading on… They make very elegant, unique, and whimsical mini dessert stands! WAYYY better than store bought! I bejeweled the Boston creme pie doughnut with some pink sugar pearls and… Read More

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My Saturday

Hello! Don’t you just love Saturdays? It’s always a family bonding day for us. Eating, shopping, and more eating. Zoey has always been so great being our little helper. She especially LOVES to assist with grocery shopping so I decided to get her her own… Read More

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The Invisible Belt

Back in November, the House of Martin Margiela and H&M collaborated to give fashion enthusiasts a chance to grab re-edition pieces of MM from various seasons. I saw a few pieces back then but didn’t really give them more than 10mins of my shopping time… Read More

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Wedding Dessert Table

My sister’s wedding is soon approaching! It’s been a while since the last wedding (mine) in our family. We are all so excited for her big day! I’m thinking of creating some sort of dessert table in the reception hall and have been searching for… Read More

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White Winter

Looking outside, one would have never guessed that yesterday was a white winter wonderland as the snow has completely melted away. Not a trace remained. That is New England weather for you. But I absolutely love it. You can’t fully appreciate the warmth of summer… Read More

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All Things Abode

It feels like I haven’t written a post on home decor in a LONG time.  I love me a smartly decorated space. One that boasts both function & aesthetics and is pretty much gender neutral. Neither too feminine nor masculine. For me, it’s not about… Read More

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City Strolling Necessities

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well. Today’s my day off from Ms. Zoey which means I have some time alone to do some me stuff around the city. This doesn’t mean getting a massage or go getting my nails did, unfortunately! Ever wonder what this mommy… Read More

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Birthday Tea (Pt 2)

To all you ladies (& gents) who are tea lovers and can appreciate dainty pretty pastries, you’ll enjoy this 2nd installment of Birthday Tea. An afternoon filled with sisterly chit chat over yummy delights spent with my youngest sister (for her B-day) and my sis… Read More

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Sister, Food, And Driving

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well! It’s been nice hanging out w/ my sister, C, for the last couple of days. We hosted two great dinners for her and her hubs. The food was AH-MAZING, all prepared and cooked by my husband. Today was her last… Read More

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Can someone enlighten me as to how one could walk in shoes like these? Contoured Wedge by Giuseppe Zanotti. Would you dare try strutting in them? To some fashion-obsessed, these may be shoegasm. To me, just a little odd. Have a GREAT Monday! We’re hitting… Read More

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I think we often look elsewhere to find happiness when it’s usually right here, within ourselves. You create your own happiness. Yes, you are that powerful. Nothing sends that message across better than this uber adorable candle from curly girl design. Their candles (products in… Read More

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Happy Friday!

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well. What are your plans for the weekend? One of my older sisters from Miami is coming into town and she has requested some fancy seafood bites upon her arrival for dinner. Lucky for her, her sister is also a seafood… Read More

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Farewell 2012

Farewell 2012. You’ve been too good to me. You’ve been the yr that has defined me most as a sister, daughter, woman, wife, and most importantly, a mother. I’m sad to see you go because as you go, you take away the best year of… Read More

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Birthday Tea (Pt 1)

Happy New Yrs Eve everyone! We actually just finished w/ our NYE’s festivities in the city and now just lounging around in bed to watch the NYC times square countdown (my sis and 3 nephews are there!). This past weekend, my youngest sister celebrated her… Read More