The Fiddle Leaf Fig

I’ve been searching for the perfect indoor plant for eons. One that would give life and project positive energy to any space. This is particularly important this time of the year as the days get way shorter and the sun sets at 4:30pm prompto. After scouring Pinterest, because that’s what I do when I’m looking … More The Fiddle Leaf Fig

Wallpaper Glam

If you want to add a touch of glitz and glam to your space but not sure how- think about incorporating wallpaper. There are so many designs, colors, and textures to choose from. The possibilities are endless. To achieve that glamorous feel- combine metallic tones with bold damask patterns. This was what we did in … More Wallpaper Glam


I’ve been seeing a lot of these unique round white stoves in many home pictures and wondered where they originated. Well, they are called “Kakelugn” which means tile stove or contra-flow stove in Swedish. How cool do they look?! Round up from my Pinterest board, Abode. This is a classic Scandinavian style round ceramic stove. … More Kakelugn


It has been a crazy past couple of days. Many life changing decisions. All great and very grande… Anyhow, I’m loving the look of bringing patio globe string lights indoors. How whimsical and just oh so romantic! Just a few inspiration pics from my Pinterest board, Abode. click on image for source What do you … More Lights!

Pink Peonies

Happy Sunday everyone! What are your plans for today? We are going to several open houses and spend most of our day in the city. For now, here’s an update on what’s happening on top of our kitchen drawers. Our “kitchen drawers” are actually shoe cabinets from Ikea. They are so narrow (great for tight … More Pink Peonies

Cowhide Rugs

Once again the weather is gloomy. This time, however, I don’t mind it too much. I actually enjoy days like these when I can sit by my bedroom window, blog, enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee, and listen to baby’s lullabies (Harrys Cupboard– this piano music is sooo relaxing, you must listen to it!) while … More Cowhide Rugs

Inspired By Home

For the past couple of weeks, me and my husband have been looking for our dream home 24/7. We talk about it, live it, and breathe it. What started out as just a casual remark “We’re outgrowing our space, let’s look for fun and see what’s out there.” has turned into a day and night … More Inspired By Home