My Kitchen Fireplace: Before and After

My husband has done it again! He completely built our kitchen from scratch! All we had was an empty room and a whole lot of vision. For the past two years, we’ve been cooking and eating in our basement kitchen. It was such an inconvenience. We finally finished renovating the main kitchen- at least enough … More My Kitchen Fireplace: Before and After

Pink Peonies

Happy Sunday everyone! What are your plans for today? We are going to several open houses and spend most of our day in the city. For now, here’s an update on what’s happening on top of our kitchen drawers. Our “kitchen drawers” are actually shoe cabinets from Ikea. They are so narrow (great for tight … More Pink Peonies

Kitchen Window Sill

Happy Saturday! Today is a gloomy, wet, chilly but cozy day. I’m kinda on a cleaning streak. You can say I have spring cleaning fever.  Just tackled the kitchen, which is ALWAYS a mess b/c we do so much cooking. Sometimes, I don’t know why we even try to make foods that take so much … More Kitchen Window Sill