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Chasing Pigeons (FIRST Video!!)

After so many months of wanting to share videos on LZM, I can finally say…here’s my FIRST video! Today was my first attempt working with Adobe Premier Pro. I was adamant about finishing the video and thankfully, had a great partner (the hubs) to help… Read More

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Outfit of the Day.

Nowadays, it’s all about comfort. There’s a lot of running around and finishing up last min details for my sis’s wedding. Today, I wore a long leopard maxi dress. So comfy and relaxed… Finally got my feet done today! Way overdue… My accessories for the… Read More

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Besame RED!

I am not a red lips kinda gal. The last time I wore red lips was in high school and the only reason I know this is true is b/c I have pictures to prove it. Otherwise, I myself wouldn’t believe that I use to… Read More

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Leopard & Lace

I am no fashion guru by any means. And although the big name designers set trends w/ what goes down the runway, most of them would just look plain silly on someone like me. Don’t you have to be super skinny, have the perfect body,… Read More

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Leopard at Sea.

Hello! How was everyone’s weekend? Just got back from our cruise vacay and had the BEST time w/ my family. We are jet setting again this weekend, this time to NYC for more family affairs. Traveling is so not good for Zoey’s routine! While at… Read More