Friday Lunch Date

Because Brittany Fischer is the best co-worker a girl can I ever ask for, I wanted to treat her to a lunch date. “Pick a place, any place. Today is your day.” I said. Her choice? Battery Park. This place is truly a hidden gem just a few steps from our office. Walk too swiftly … More Friday Lunch Date

Fajita Chicken Cups

Here’s another food post b/c what’s life without grubbing?! A few days ago, I made some fajita chicken cups for lunch. It was probably one of the easiest things to whip up. I’ll share how I made it and you’re going to LOVE me for it. This requires absolutely NO previous cooking experience just some … More Fajita Chicken Cups

Cafe of Paris

During our stay in LA, we stopped by Cafe of Paris for a quick bite prior heading to Rodeo Dr. Zoey was taking her nap so we were able to enjoy a peaceful lunch outside on the patio. We both got some sort of panini with a side order of greens. Perfect for being on … More Cafe of Paris

Health Kick

After coming back from vacay and eating everything in sight, I was desperate to start an internal cleansing. Yes! I’m eating healthy for a week (and by a ‘week’ I mean M-F excluding weekends) and then will revisit. Although now I have more reasons on my list to keep going w/ the healthy eating. My … More Health Kick

Fried Rice

This is really the fastest, most simple meal you can make. There are no rules when making fried rice and you can add just about anything you’d like to it. I usually add eggs, vegetables (varies), and Chinese sausage. Sounds typical.  Well, this time I didn’t have any typical ingredients so I added whatever I … More Fried Rice

Fried Everything!

Yesterday night was one of those nights. I was desperately craving fried foods. Everything fried! This heaping plate of fried goodness consisted of shrimp, onion rings, banana peppers, + eggplant.  Since I was on a roll with the unhealthiness, I also baked some cornbread with dried cranberries and pecans. Well, this wasn’t too unhealthy, I … More Fried Everything!