First Day Back

What better way to welcome a gal back to work than a dozen of not-so-kind to my waistline macarons?!! Thanks Brittany Fischer for the yummiest sweet treats. EVER. Love you so so much!! I seriously have the best job and colleagues. #solucky #feelingblessed #gloss48insider

A Bittersweet Day

Today is a very bittersweet day. It’s Zoey’s last day at daycare and then she transitions to preschool at another institution. Zoey has come a very long way. From her first day screaming and crying because she was terrified to now- not wanting to go home when we pick her up. It’s her happy place. … More A Bittersweet Day

Photo Styling

Hello! Today I shot a cover for my Facebook page. It’s been a very very long time since I’ve done something like this. Last time was probably over a yr ago when I styled a header shot for LZM. I think it’s important when you create a header image to keep it representative of who … More Photo Styling

Friday Musings

Being a mother to a newborn is exhausting to say the least! It’s not that I haven’t been through this before, I guess I just forgot how bad the sleepless nights were… Sometimes I find myself a bit isolated. Yes, I have the company of the precious one but at this point he eats, poops, … More Friday Musings

Flashback: PARIS!

Hello! How’s everyone’s weekend going so far? It’s chilly up here in the New England area.  In a way, I love days like this when it feels super cozy and soup totally hits the spot. I made butternut squash soup topped w/ bacon bits (of course) and pumpkin seeds for brunch . It was delish! In … More Flashback: PARIS!


A trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the famed Laduree. Zoey loves these petite macarons and couldn’t devour them fast enough! We also took a box home to pair w/ some berry tea for later on… I absolutely love this black/white chandelier packaging.  Have you tried Laduree macarons? If so, what’s your … More Laduree


A while back, I did a little mention about these Fabulous macarons from Paris that my sister had sent to me.  Here are the yummy Paul macarons that I’ve shot (a while back, too). Feast with your eyes! Making macarons has been on my ‘to tackle’ list forever!! It’s hard to attempt perfecting these temperamental … More I LOVE You, PAUL!

DIY Gold Chevron Vase

It’s known to mankind (aka the husband) that I hoard unnecessary random objects. To me they are absolutely NOT unnecessary. My motto has always been “You NEVER know when you might need them!” and I’m still standing behind this ideology. In our relationship, I’m ALWAYS right. For instance, I like to keep empty glass bottles. … More DIY Gold Chevron Vase

Gifts From PARIS!

I have to say, my family is AH-MAZING! Two of my sisters just came back from a trip to PARIS and they sent me gifts from my most FAV city, EVER. Among the fabulous goodies are macarons (seriously!), three types of foie gras (not for the fainted heart), 5 flavors of Kusmi Tea, and a … More Gifts From PARIS!

My New Goal in Life.

Although I can splurge on certain things, I cannot bring myself to spend a couple of hard earning bucks on one itsy, bitsy, tiny yummy macaron. I love these miniature yummy morsels, but why do they have to be so darn expensive?! To put things into perspective, $5 for 1 minute of satisfaction or depending … More My New Goal in Life.