Clean Kids Spaces

Some mommies have it all put together. A clean living space, kids who obey chore duties, an inspirational and tidy home office to work from, and they still have time for other leisure extracurricular activities such as going to mani appointments, lunch dates with galfriends, and date nights with hubs. I’m NOT that kind of … More Clean Kids Spaces

An Untypical Saturday

Yes, we were forewarned that a blizzard was coming our way. However, that still didn’t prepare me for what I witnessed this morning. Opened our front door and basically screamed “What the F (freak)!!” Our car was almost completely engulfed in snow and the street was a complete blanket of white madness that was probably … More An Untypical Saturday

Turning 16 Mths

If you’ve been following my blog since its inception, you would’ve first seen Zoey when she was just 6 mths. And you would’ve witnessed some of her milestones through my posts, such as her first baby steps, babbles, pumpkin patch adventure, etc. Tomorrow, she officially turns 16 mths! Recently, she has learned some new tricks … More Turning 16 Mths

Pumpkin Patch

Here are some pictures from our pumpkin patch adventure! Zoey had so much FUN! She loved walking through the patch, listening to a local jazz group, and browsing through the little apple/pumpkin shop. Weather was perfect that day! A series of Zoey’s silly faces! This was probably about 1/3 of our day so more follow … More Pumpkin Patch

Leopard & Lace

I am no fashion guru by any means. And although the big name designers set trends w/ what goes down the runway, most of them would just look plain silly on someone like me. Don’t you have to be super skinny, have the perfect body, and 6 feet tall to wear those kind of stuff?! … More Leopard & Lace


Hanging out w/ Zoey at the poolside.  My husband and I nodded off first and when I woke up I found Zoey knocked out! A lady next to us said that while we both fell asleep, Zoey was playing w/ her bottle all by herself! This is such a priceless moment.  Of course, my straw … More Poolside

On the Go!

Hi all! Today is a very exciting day for us. We are meeting up w/ Aunt Helen for a day of shopping fun! Then picking daddy up early from work and hopefully can enjoy some Japanese Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms before they all fall. Each yr, it’s a ‘catch me if you can thing w/ … More On the Go!

Symphony Hall

My husband got invited to see the Boston Pops perform at the Symphony Hall Orchestra. It was a night of honoring the physicians. Feels like it was forever but this was just less than one yr ago! I was 5 mths pregnant w/ our Zoey. These booties are soooo comfortable, even for a pregnant woman! … More Symphony Hall

Precious Moments

These precious moments were taken on Zoey’s first X-mas.  Doesn’t look too happy with what’s on her lap! Enjoy the precious moments w/ your little one. Til next post, Kellie.