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Springtime Magic

It doesn’t get more magical than when Spring arrives. We finally wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, there are all sorts of vibrant colors covering the ground, and as the days get longer— our weekend family getaways become more adventurous. It is also… Read More

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A Sprinkle of Red

The greatest pleasure about Spring is planning out our garden. Let me be clear, we live in the city with limited green space so when I say ‘garden’, I mean pots on the front doorsteps and a few bigger ones in our tiny backyard. I love… Read More

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A Special Day!

Today is such a special day. Spring is finally here! YIPPIE. I would do a happy dance and take Zoey out to the park if it were not for the snowstorm that just hit us on Tuesday! What I absolutely LOVE and miss the most… Read More

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Infused Water {homemade}

Hello! How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was great. My sister from NYC came to visit Ms. Zoey so we spent some quality family time w/ her. Sat night, we had a yummy Korean bbq dinner at the sis in law’s new place. And yesterday, while… Read More

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Home Sweet Home

After living out of our suitcases for over a week, we are finally home! It feels so good to be back and living normal again. And what better welcome home gift than coming home to a bunch of peonies in bloom? I went through an… Read More

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The PERFECT Bouquet.

As some of you may already know, I just celebrated my first Mother’s Day! Wow. I am a mother. CRAZY! The day was perfect. Started off having a great lunch w/ family. Afterwards, while daddy and Zoey went gardening, I spent some quality time w/… Read More

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Tulips, Books, Shoes, etc.

Yesterday, we went and bought a bunch of tulips. It’s near the end of the season for them so we had to get some before it’s too late. Made a little eye candy setting w/ some of my favorite items including the tulips of course,… Read More

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Tomatoes, Toma(h)toes!

Each yr we grow our own tomato plants from seeds. This yr, things just got hectic  (thanks to Ms. Zoey!) and before we knew it, gardening season is upon us! So this past weekend, we did the unthinkable and bought some tomato plants. They actually… Read More

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Recycle Wine & Water Glass Bottles

I like keeping empty wine/water glass bottles and using them as vases. You can’t get more simple and inexpensive than this. And the result is STUNNING! The different hues of green along w/ the unique shapes + heights make for an interesting flower arrangement tablescape. Add… Read More