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Mother’s Day 2013

Hello! Hope everyone had a GREAT Mother’s Day yesterday! I couldn’t ask for a more perfect day. My request was to take a one day family trip to a nearby town- just the three of us. Daddy made it happen and it was very special.… Read More

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Birthday Tea (Pt 2)

To all you ladies (& gents) who are tea lovers and can appreciate dainty pretty pastries, you’ll enjoy this 2nd installment of Birthday Tea. An afternoon filled with sisterly chit chat over yummy delights spent with my youngest sister (for her B-day) and my sis… Read More

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Smell The Flour

Hello! Hope everyone’s enjoying your weekend. Yesterday, after a disappointing lunch (for me), we headed over to Flour Bakery & Cafe in Fort Point Channel for a tea break. It was relaxing and yummy. Totally made up for my not-so-satisfying lunch.  Here are some quick rushed… Read More

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Great Taste Bakery

My husband and I have just a handful of places that we go religiously to satisfy our cravings. And believe it or not, none of them are fancy schmancy restaurants. We don’t go to restaurants for their aesthetics, or to impress each other, or to… Read More

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Fun in the Sun

Here it is, this post is a sequel to the previous post, Leopard & Booties. As previously mentioned, I was going to do a post on what fun things we did in our stylish outfits! So, we started the day off w/ brunch at Champagne,… Read More

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Tuesday Afternoon

Time flies. Each day I feel time starved. May is an extremely busy traveling mth for us- all exciting, family fun trips but will still be exhausting I’m sure especially w/ a 9 mth old (!).  The cruise count down has begun! We are heading… Read More

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Tuscany & Florence

Good Morning! My husband and I had a recent conversation about taking Zoey to Europe hopefully this September (when she can finally walk, fingers crossed!). This reminded me of our honeymoon visit to Tuscany + Florence.  Yes, Tuscany is really that beautiful + serene! The… Read More

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Random Musings

Just want to share a collection of shots that were taken over the weekend. Isn’t kinda interesting to see life through someone else’s lens?  Interesting entryways.  Zoey’s facial expression is priceless.  Red Velvet cupcake w/ cream cheese frosting.  I’m making myself salivate!  Apple spiced. Daddy… Read More

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Japadog, yes the term is kinda self explanatory. It’s a Japanese embellished hotdog! We caught this street food vendor right in front of our place, The Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver. The name sounded interesting and we are all about trying street foods. I wish… Read More

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Cafe Regalade

During our stay in Vancouver… After a super disappointing dinner at a sushi restaurant (this is why it’s better to make your own at home!) we were dying to find a place to splurge on desserts hoping to make up a bad dining night.  I… Read More

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Duck Mousse w/ Truffles

For those of you who are a bit more daring, this is a great mid day snack. I surely thoroughly enjoyed it!  Duck mousse is made out of duck liver, similar to chicken pate, except for duck mouse sounds and tastes much fancier. Add truffles… Read More