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New Talent

Hello! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Just a few instagram pics to share… Zoey has a new talent…she takes amazing pictures! Took some lessons from daddy and was ready to point and shoot. ┬áSince our camera’s so heavy, having the tripod was a big… Read More

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Our Saturday On Instagram

Hi all! Hope you’re having a FAB weekend! Yesterday was another typical Saturday for us. Lunch was quick and easy (sandwich + soup), got some new footwear for Zoey, went to the market to get food for dinner, and grabbed a movie on the way… Read More

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Sister, Food, And Driving

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well! It’s been nice hanging out w/ my sister, C, for the last couple of days. We hosted two great dinners for her and her hubs. The food was AH-MAZING, all prepared and cooked by my husband. Today was her last… Read More

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Sushi By The Hubs

Every month or so, we visit our most favorite and trustworthy fishmonger to get a slew of the freshest sashimi grade fish and the likes to satisfy our sushi cravings. What you’ll find on our to get list are the usual consisting of tuna, salmon,… Read More

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Sushi, Sashimi + ect.

Ever since we found this local fish market spot, we’ve been consuming sashimi more than usual. This weekend was no exception. And with my sister in town, it was the perfect excuse to go sushi crazy. Truly, why go to a sushi restaurant when you… Read More