Spring Cleaning: Closet Edition

Spring is here and I realized that I haven’t even mentioned anything about Spring cleaning! It’s one of those things that I absolutely look forward to. I enjoy decluttering my space and making it as minimal as possible. If this means getting rid of half of my closet, so be it! Along this Spring cleaning … More Spring Cleaning: Closet Edition


Just a really quick post before I start some mad spring cleaning! More pics from the wedding… Our reception dresses (the bride, her 5 sisters, our mother, and Zoey’s). I was the only one in a short dress.¬† Have a great weekend everyone! PS. Have you started spring cleaning yet.? I’m on a mission!

Declutter Agenda

For the past two yrs, one of my new yr resolutions has been to declutter my mind and possessions. Decluttering my mind has been going well. For me, this means eliminating the negativity and focus on the simple, happy moments in life. I am most happy when we do family things on the weekends, like … More Declutter Agenda

Kitchen Window Sill

Happy Saturday! Today is a gloomy, wet, chilly but cozy day. I’m kinda on a cleaning streak. You can say I have spring cleaning fever. ¬†Just tackled the kitchen, which is ALWAYS a mess b/c we do so much cooking. Sometimes, I don’t know why we even try to make foods that take so much … More Kitchen Window Sill