DIY: Tea Space

Our home renovation is going s l o w l yyyyy, but who can blame us? We have a 5 month old infant and a toddler who’s as energetic as ever. There’s literally no time in the day for any type of extracurricular activities whatsoever. Kids and work take up 99.9% of our time. Outside, we … More DIY: Tea Space

A Bittersweet Day

Today is a very bittersweet day. It’s Zoey’s last day at daycare and then she transitions to preschool at another institution. Zoey has come a very long way. From her first day screaming and crying because she was terrified to now- not wanting to go home when we pick her up. It’s her happy place. … More A Bittersweet Day

Declutter Agenda

For the past two yrs, one of my new yr resolutions has been to declutter my mind and possessions. Decluttering my mind has been going well. For me, this means eliminating the negativity and focus on the simple, happy moments in life. I am most happy when we do family things on the weekends, like … More Declutter Agenda

Inspired by Teavana

I have a little Teavana collection of my own. I love their teas. The colors, smell, and flavors of their teas seem a little above par than many. It may be their branding technique or packaging strategy. Whatever it is, they got me sold! So next time you’re window shopping at the mall, stop by … More Inspired by Teavana