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Staying Connected

Like most modern homes, at any given time— we could have up to six devices connected to wi-fi. I am the first to admit, occasionally I would allow my kids to go ham on their tablets so I could have some peace and quiet. I’m… Read More

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Tory Burch Iphone Cases

I was first exposed to Tory Burch’s iphone cases while researching for things to buy that would benefit Breast Cancer Awareness, as seen in this post. So when I saw these hardshell iphone cases on my latest trip to LA, I HAD to grab them.… Read More

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Photoshop Tutorial: Isolating Colors

On a daily basis, my inbox is inundated with various inquiries. From subjects about mommyhood, to food, blogging, relationships, etc. But the most popular subject that I’ve received to date has to be on photography/ photo editing. Instead of responding to your emails individually, moving… Read More

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Power of the Web!

What would we do nowadays w/o the internet? It’s amazing how people all over the world can connect through one platform! I’m in awe at how many countries all my readers came from today! Isn’t the net AMAZING?! ‘Til next post, Kellie.

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There are many exciting things happening on Le Zoe Musings including AWESOME giveaways of the BEST things stylish, beautiful, and trendy!! All coming SOON! You won’t want to miss out! All of my obsessions will become your reality. In order to be eligible for entry… Read More