A Hammock Moment

Hammock. Beach. Sunset. Loved ones. I couldn’t ask for more. (Marco Island, a few weeks ago) Zoey is the sweetest child and is growing up too fast. Wishing that time stood still. At that time, Zoey wasn’t feeling too well. But now, she’s up and running like a wild child again! Smiling at the hubs … More A Hammock Moment

In Sunny FL

Hello! We are currently in Marco Island enjoying the warm beachy weather. A very nice change from the bitter winter cold.  Just a quick post to share random pics via instagram.  Handbag packed and ready to go! Zoey and her ducky at the airport.  After a long night of traveling, we finally arrived in Miami … More In Sunny FL


Hi! Hope everyone’s doing well. I just got the most adorable journal and I LOVE its message… “The grass is always greener on my side.” Don’t look elsewhere to find happiness, you create it within yourself. Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts. All the negativity in your life? Trim them away. You’re in control.  … More Green

Downtown Lights

Hello!! Hope everyone had a GREAT X-Mas! Don’t things appear to go at 5mph after the holidays? I’m feeling sluggish and lazy. The cold weather doesn’t help either. Anyhow, while in Atl we went to downtown to watch the X-Mas lights at Centennial Olympic Park. Very nice and festive although I was quite surprised that … More Downtown Lights

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve!! We’ve been away for the past week and just got back yesterday night. The plan was to update with some new posts from our trip but I was greeted home with a computer full of virus and none of our browsers were working! To me not having access to the web is … More Merry Christmas!

On One Fall Day

Went through some pictures and saw these ones back in early Fall… Each Fall, we take weekend trips to nearby apple/pumpkin orchards. They’re so much fun! Zoey and I on a barren road. I love our faint shadows on the road.  And in a blink of an eye, she dashes away! Most days, I feel … More On One Fall Day


OK. DEEP breaths. I don’t write sport posts b/c honestly, I’d rather eat some crispy bacon and a tub of cotton candy than go run 1/4th a mile. Can you sense my athleticism?  But this sports-related post is unique b/c it involves my three little nephews. Do I have any golf addicts here? Well, this … More LoudMouth

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you are having a FAB time w/ your families and friends! We are here in sunny Florida to spend the holiday with my family! There’s about 20 people in our house right now and these are just immediate family members! Our guests and friends haven’t even arrived yet for the … More Giving Thanks

The Perfect LBD

This past weekend, we were blessed with perfect weather. Fifties/sixties with almost completely clear blue skies in November. Who can complain?! It’s a stark contrast from today, however, w/ the temperatures dropping and rain coming through. The only things that can bring me comfort on days like these are soothing instrumental music, an autumn scented … More The Perfect LBD

Shoreline Village

Happy Friday everyone! Here are some pics from our recent trip to LA. We stopped by Shoreline Village in Long Beach. This place was so unique with tiny cute shops and beautiful views of the water. That’s all for now…

Red, White, Blue

Here’s my rendition of red, white, and blue. Seal beach was so quaint and beautiful. We strolled through the streets of unique shops and spent sunset watching on the pier. More adventures on seal beach to come…

Rainbow Harbor

Last week we took a short trip to LA. The weather was just perfect! Here are some shots of mommy + me at Rainbow Harbor’s dock in Long Beach. More LA updates coming…

Pumpkin Patch 2

Remember the first pumpkin patch post? Well, this is the 2nd installment of our visit to Shelburne Farms. We enjoyed many fun fall festivities after visiting the pumpkins. Here they are… We took a little break to grab a bite to eat. Our lunch included a HUGE delish hamburger (the farm was grilling these) and … More Pumpkin Patch 2