Japadog, yes the term is kinda self explanatory. It’s a Japanese embellished hotdog! We caught this street food vendor right in front of our place, The Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver. The name sounded interesting and we are all about trying street foods. I wish there were more where I live. They usually have the … More JAPADOG

Chicken Knees

We ate chicken knees. FRIED. That’s right folks, while in Vancouver we set off to this apparently BEST fish congee restaurant in the city. It was a chilly morning so a hot bowl of fish congee sounded perfect. While at the restaurant we saw everyone getting this heaping plate of fried something. At first, I … More Chicken Knees

Family Portrait.

It’s rare that we have family pictures b/c there’s no one to take it for us. (plus, we think that we can take them ourselves + still yield great results). So in the spirit of memory’s sake and to make them last for a lifetime, we took some using a tripod. Daddy did the setup … More Family Portrait.

Blenz Coffee

Similar to Starbucks in the US, Blenz Coffee dominated the streets of Vancouver as the ‘go to’ coffee shop. We frequent this cafe to rest, enjoy a cup of joe, and connect to the web. Blenz @ Steveston.  Would LOVE to know how to make art designs on cappuccinos.  Cappuccino. Forgot to request for decaf. … More Blenz Coffee

Adios for Now.

Time is ticking and we are almost ready to head off to catch our flight. I hate flying, but that is another entire story. Like many, I’ve been the person who always wanted to sit up front so I can deplane early. The sooner the better. Unlike now where I wish to sit in the … More Adios for Now.