House Hunting 5

Here’s another post from the mini-series, House Hunting! Last week, we visited an open house…again in the Back Bay area and again, another penthouse unit. This one, however, was a lot different from the one on Commonwealth Ave. from House Hunting 3

It had many skylights and was very bright. Although it was the top unit, there wasn’t 6 flights of stairs to climb because it came with its very own private elevator which leads you directly into the unit! In addition, the rooftop already has a built out roof deck. Unlike the previous one on Commonwealth, where the unit came with roof rights but we would still have to build our own roof deck. So many logistics when it comes to city living!

And there’s a unique feature to this home- the living room has a huge center steeple.  I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. Personally, we didn’t really like the feature b/c it just felt weird. 

See for yourself…



Although the location’s golden, the unit itself was not. There seems to be too many nooks and crannies. The master bedroom was not impressive. And the feature that made this home unique (the steeple), wasn’t unique to us.

So the House Hunting mini-series continues…

Have a great Sunday everyone!


18 thoughts on “House Hunting 5

  1. I agree with the others, seems interesting – but really odd. Usually I like odd… but you really would have to duck your head a lot. When I look at it though, the biggest thing I think of is, “Too expensive!” (Although you didn’t mention the price… it must be the ‘low-income’ side in me coming out! Teehee!)


  2. I love house hunting! Even after we bought our house, I continued to house hunt, just because I love houses lol. But I know the actual process can be frustrating. I hope you find the perfect home soon.


  3. This house is amazing! The slanted walls are whimsical and the view is phenomenal!

    BTW, Thanks for following my blog. I followed yours too coz I’m always on a look out on great blogs that could inspire me and also I like children and little Zoey is uuuuuber adorable. See you on your next post! x



  4. House hunting is so much fun! I love it! These are great photos and this house looks like something I would live in for sure! Hope you find your perfect house soon sweets.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I am now following you too! xx


  5. Although there are a lot of head-smacking places inside, the view is really great from the outside deck! In warm weather it would be hard to want to go back indoors!


  6. I would agree about the master, but I love the steeple! It would probably get old to have to watch your head all the time though! Very unique, but I think it would take a very specific person to really love everything about it.


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