Kids Bedroom Makeover by Le Zoe Musings Banner

Kids Bedroom Makeover (Pt 1)

It’s finally here! The kids’ bedroom makeover is finished (except for a few little projects) and they are over the moon. They’ve been waiting forever to get the bedroom of their dreams and surely- mommy and daddy did not disappoint! One of the biggest dilemmas that we faced… Read More

DIY Gold Cap Toe Mary Janes by Le Zoe Musings

DIY Gold Cap Toe Mary Janes

Zoey has these pair of Clarks Mary Jane that she absolutely loves. She wears them every single day of her life for about three months straight now. Needless to say, they’re well-loved and there are a lot of scuffing particularly on the cap part of the shoes. I don’t… Read More


Visual Storytelling via Flat Lays

I love me a beautifully crafted flat lay. They are really popular on Instagram and you can find flat lays of all sorts- beauty, workspace, fashion, food, etc. To me, it’s a form of photography styling. Usually, flat lays consist of multiple elements in a… Read More

Summer Skin Must-Haves by Le Zoe Musings feature

Summer Skin Must-Haves

If you have kids, you can probably understand my pain. Getting out of the house on a normal day can be daunting. Add summertime fun, beach days, farm visits and surprise field trip adventures to the mix. When we go to the beach, it literally… Read More

Swedish Apartment FEATURE copy

Home Tour: A Linnéstaden Apartment

Step inside this breathtaking Linnéstaden apartment where you’ll see lots of white, light and a beautiful play on muted colors. I am obsessed with the gray wall color and need it for my house prompto! If you have kids, there’s a bonus. Highlighted is a… Read More

My Office Shelfies by Le Zoe Musings

My Office Shelfies

Although there is no major work left to be done in our home office makeover, I’m still trying to make final decorations (organization) tweaks here and there. The most recent one was adding two shelves to a blank wall to the left of my desk.… Read More

Strawberry Mango Popsicles by Le Zoe Musings_feature

Strawberry Mango Popsicles

Guys, it’s that time again! Making popsicles in my house is a popular tradition in the summer. My kids often lend a helping hand and it’s just so much fun for everyone. Popsicles require only a few ingredients and you can totally control what you put… Read More


Hello Summer!

When I was a little (a lifetime ago, in elementary school), I used to think that summer lasted for an entire year. There was school which was a year long and then came summer which was the year immediately after. To a 5 yr old, it… Read More

Zoey and Axel Feature

Zoey and Axel

Just a little update on the two people who run my life. The littlest lady of the house is almost turning FIVE and will start kindergarten this coming Fall. Pinch me now. Our prince of the gaslight district is two years old. Luckily for us, they… Read More