LOV, A Botanical Kitchen in Montreal

We recently did something quite crazy but clever. We dropped the kiddos off at my parents’ place for almost a whole month of summer. Some call us brave, I say we are just absolutely exhausted and needed a break. Zoey is almost six and Axel just turned three so our hands are full, every single day. It’s even more challenging when your work commute begins at 7:30am and ends roughly at 7pm Monday through Friday.

I’ve never been so constantly tired in my life. Many days, I don’t know how I do it. Especially at night after work— I truly believe I black out while feeding the kids, giving them a bath and tucking them into bed (and everything else in between). I don’t have any other theory as to how I manage mommy duties while being sane.

Life is so much more efficient, easy and carefree without having to tend to two little ones. I’m soaking in every moment and there’s no mommy guilt whatsoever!

Andddd because we are now kids-free, my husband and I took a week off of work to go on a road trip. Destination? Montreal.


As I was researching where to eat, I stumbled upon LOV, a vegetarian restaurant close by our hotel. I love meat and I can’t say that I’m a super healthy eater but this place looks insanely beautiful that it made it onto my list of restaurants to visit.

The decor didn’t disappoint. It is truly is one of the most gorgeous spaces I’ve ever seen. White brick walls, marble tabletops, huge arch windows with that lofty feel. Unfortunately when we were there, they weren’t serving their full menu so we didn’t get a chance to try their regular fares. We ended up with just a few simple light snack dishes and a dessert.


In Instagram news…


Hope you’ve enjoyed this little travel and food post. Have a wonderful weekend!



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