DIY Photobooth Room

My sister’s wedding was full of DIY’s. One of the most unique ones was the Photobooth Room. Frames were created by the Bride&Groom and implemented by us.


DIY POLAROID FRAMEMy sister’s fiance (at the time) cut out a polaroid frame using a Styrofoam board. Due to its lightweight, we were able to string it from the ceiling using fishing lines. Guests were able to stand behind it and shoot away! Above are me, my sis-in-law, and her baby.

DIY POLAROID FRAME4 Their names and wedding date were gold letters (from Michaels) glued onto the frame. Seen above are my oldest sis and her husband.

DIY POLAROID FRAME2Here’s the Bride and Groom! They also made a picture wall seen in the back right. Also made out of Styrofoam and covered with damask wallpaper with two cutout empty frame slots.


Such an easy and creative DIY to make your big day fun and unique. A MUST try.


24 thoughts on “DIY Photobooth Room

      1. Home Depot no longer carries it. They only carry smaller boards. Do you know the size on this one?


  1. I love this idea, and wish I knew about this idea prior to my own wedding! Thanks so much for sharing…I’m most certain that I can utilize this DIY project for another great event!


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