Expecting a baby or planning baby’s first birthday? You are going to go ga-ga over this cute and yummy diy!

I had so much fun creating this easy project. It was also very nostalgic for me as it took me down memory lane back to Zoey’s baby shower. Yes, I knew at that time that baby was on her way but had NO IDEA what motherhood had in stored for me.

Many sleepless days and nights but all so well worth it. Especially when Zoey spontaneously wraps her teeny tiny hands around my neck, pulls me in, and pecks my lips. Perhaps it’s her way of saying ” Mom-ma, I LOVE YOU.”

DIY CANDY PACIFIERThese baby pacifiers are such attention grabbers.

DIY CANDY PACIFIER2What you’ll need: life savers, pink and/or blue jelly beans, lemon juice, and powder sugar. To create the frosting glue- combine a tiny amount of lemon juice to some powder sugar and whisk until smooth. There’s no measurement here, just eye it. You want a thick consistency.

DIY CANDY PACIFIER3I find that placing them in the fridge accelerates the drying time. Give yourself about 20 mins before moving on to the next step.

DIY CANDY PACIFIER4Zoey’s plate. How chic!

DIY CANDY PACIFIER6Step two is also the LAST step. The bowl of rice was extremely useful to keep the pacifiers upright while they dry.  Drying time- 20 mins in the fridge.

How EASY was that?!

DIY CANDY PACIFIER7Place candy pacifiers on top of mini-cupcakes and serve at your baby shower or place them on top of a birthday cake for baby’s first birthday.

DIY CANDY PACIFIER8This was Zoey’s baby shower invite from 2011. Inside it reads ” Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, come celebrate as the Van-Le family grows.” My sis-in-law made the invites for me. So sweet!

DIY CANDY PACIFIER9Blue for baby boys…

DIY CANDY PACIFIER91Pink for baby girls…

DIY CANDY PACIFIER93Or make both and have your baby shower guests guess the gender. So much fun!

DIY CANDY PACIFIER94On my previous post, I mentioned that we just bought a new camera lens. These images were shot with them (lighting wasn’t ideal). They turned out so great! Love my new lens. So far, well worth the steep price tag…

6 mths2BAnd me… when I was 5 1/2 mths pregnant w/ Zoey! The wrinkles on my preggo shirt, bugs me.




  1. So stinkin’ Cute!!!! LOVE THIS!! Do you do the editing on your photos and add the text wording? If so what program do you use?


  2. Thanks for checking my unpaid blog, I like checking all kinds of blog themes, from comedy writing passing all the way to fashion(although I don´t tell that to my friends the fashion and pictures stuff), which by the way they´re beautiful photos you have here, beautiful mom and a beautiful daughter congratulations. I wen´t to Boston for one day, I didn´t even know they had a china town there. Seems they´re everywhere. And picture of the entrance apart from being beautiful(good eye, or good luck from your husband part having taking it while the bird was passing by), it looks so much from the one in San Francisco, where I lived more years. My condolences to you and every one in Boston Strong. God bless.


  3. A friend of mine bragged to me about your blogging and I realize why they were going on and on about it. It is not very often that I pause to leave a comment on blogs but it is honestly so quality that you practically drove me to! Keep Up The Great Work 🙂


  4. love the candy baby pacifiers! considering doing this for my baby shower… and the “guess the gender” game would be so much fun! great photos too, Kellie! you’re so creative, i love reading your blog! 😀


  5. Very adorable. I will admit, the title caught me off-guard – but isn’t that the way to write a good title. (Confession: my best friend is a dental hygienist) Your step-by-step instructions – A+!


  6. Hi, mommy Kellie!

    What a lovely and creative blog you’ve got!
    I’m most definitely following you back 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your day!



  7. How did you get these ideas~ they are so brilliant! We used to eat these “whistle sweet” after blowing through them. And the photos look professional! That’s so hard to achieve!


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