DIY- Artichoke Tea

If you have never had Artichoke tea, it’s about time you make some. It’s so refreshing and super easy to make. Literally. If you know how to turn on the stove, you can make this.

Here goes. 

Start w/ a fresh artichoke.

Boil for about 2 hrs. Notice that the artichoke floats on top of the water. Bring to a hard boil then lower heat to low and let simmer for the remainder of the time. Add about 1 gallon of water to 1 artichoke.

About 2 hrs. later or when the artichoke sinks you are done!  You can enjoy it hot or cold. 

The rest of the tea is stored in these Voss glass bottles. I refrigerate them and drink them cold over ice. It’s like iced artichoke tea! Sometimes I add a little sugar and vanilla extract. The smell reminds me of fresh sugarcane. 

These are huge bottles 27.1 fl oz so one artichoke usually yields 4.5 of these bottles. 

Some benefits of artichoke tea include lower cholesterol, relieves digestive discomfort, improve liver functions, and lower blood sugar. You can probably find additional info about the health benefits on the web. 


Til next post, Kellie


18 thoughts on “DIY- Artichoke Tea

  1. This sounds great, but I’m confused – do you boil it and then after 2 hours add one gallon of water for like..a pitcher of tea? To the water that you’ve already booked in? Very excited to try this!!!


    1. Hi- You add 1 gallon of water per artichoke to boil. What’s left of that water after the 2 hrs. will be your tea. Bring to a rapid boil after that let simmer for the remainder of time. Thanks for stopping by! Kellie


  2. I’ve been obsessed with artichoke tea so I googled if it’s alright to drink everyday and found your blog.

    Yes! It DOES smell and taste like fresh sugarcane juice when I added vanilla extract and sugar. I never would’ve discovered this sugarcane-y taste by thinking to add vanilla extract on my own–so thanks!


  3. My dear mom told me about it due recently high cholesterol , is easy to make but it tastes horrible at least to me, but the benefit are better than taste so here I’m drinking it cold twice a day!


  4. I started drinking artichoke tea as a dietary supplement but now I drink it because my heavy period became lighter, almost not existent. My friends also noticed a change in their period.


    1. Hello! Bring to a hard boil then lower heat to med-low and let simmer for the remainder of the time. Add about 1 gallon of water to 1 artichoke. Enjoy! Best, Kellie.


  5. This is very unique! i’ve never heard of artichoke tea before, but this sounds like a healthy one. Do you know what kind of effects it has on our body? I’d love to try it!


  6. I’ve never heard of drinking artichoke tea, so I looked up it’s benefits. I can’t believe I never knew how great this tea is. A digestive aid, cleansing, diuretic… Sadly, it should be avoided by those that have problems with gallstones and kidney issues. I guess it’s out for me. 😦


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