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DIY Cherry Blossom Sugar Scrub

Ever since I discovered how to make body sugar scrub, I’ve been fairly obsessed. No more splurging on fancy scrubs when I can make them myself. And I’ll tell you, I’ve made some fabulously fancy scrubs. I mean, my body DESERVES them!

Not only that, it’s super economical and I love me some savings. Sometimes, you gotta respect yo’ money.

Here is my latest sugar scrub concoction, Cherry Blossom Sugar Scrub. SERIOUSLY.

cherry blossom sugar scrubJust absolutely fantastic.

cherry blossom sugar scrub4cherry blossom sugar scrub6I think baby oil makes the most sense for this scrub. It’s fresh smelling, soft, and very inexpensive. Plus, if you’re a mommy (ME!), you’ll always have baby oil already at hand. Other oil options are coconut, olive, almond, avocado, and Vitamin e.

cherry blossom sugar scrub3I used regular granulated sugar. If you have extremely sensitive skin, substitute with brown sugar as the texture is softer.

cherry blossom sugar scrub5I added the leaves to give it some color. You can definitely use more fragrant petals such as lavender, roses, jasmine, lilac, etc.

cherry blossom sugar scrub7cherry blossom sugar scrub2For all you ladies who enjoy the more beautiful things in life and like to save (I believe this is ALL of us!), this is a MUST try!

To see my other sugar scrub posting (Coconut Tea Rose), please click here.

Enjoy your Thursday!



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  2. I love this! It inspired me to go make a batch of my own, although I had to substitute some things, still really pleased with the finished product. This is great stuff, and perfect to give as gifts as well.


  3. binelectric

    This sounds delicious and even easy to make! By the way, thanks for following my blog!


  4. This is so lovely! We love making our own scrubs, but never added any flower petals before. It definitely makes it look a lot fancier 🙂


  5. Hii Kellie… beautiful post n amazing pics.. loved them all… loved you invetion too… so simple n helpful…

    keep sharing… 🙂


  6. Sounds amazingly fragrant! I would suggest why not Mineral Oil? It is also inexpensive, don’t need much, good for all baby rashes of all kinds, a major exterior moisturizer AND, a perfectly safe to eat as well–for baby safety I mean lol!



    I love this! I have really horrible dry skin. I love sugar scrubs they are like a miracle drug to me! Have you experiemented making the scrubs with any other oils?


  8. I was just thinking the other day about making some sugar scrub. This one is truly beautiful. Thank you for following my blog – welcome! Vohn x


  9. visionairetrends

    Reblogged this on trends and commented:
    What lady doesn’t Love a good beauty scrub?


  10. Oh I love this. I am sitting looking at trees full of cherry blossoms now! But can you save this mixture? How long will it last?


    • Hi Crysta- I’ve kept mine for 3 days already in a closed container in the shower and it seems to be lasting fine. I think it’ll last for up to 1 week (or longer). You should make some for the lovely ladies in your life too! Have a great day! Kellie


      • Awesome. I have some canning jars that seal up really tight. My 13 year old daughter and I are making them up this weekend for each other.


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