A Special Day!

Today is such a special day. Spring is finally here! YIPPIE. I would do a happy dance and take Zoey out to the park if it were not for the snowstorm that just hit us on Tuesday!

What I absolutely LOVE and miss the most about spring are all the gorgeous blooms in our garden and backyard that we clip and bring indoors.

Below are spaces made even more vibrant and welcoming with simple touches of spring flowers. Round up from my pinterest board, Abode.

Click on image for source.

spring interiorI am in love with blooms on a branch.

spring interior2

spring interior3Loving the pussy willows on the coffee table.

spring interior4Lively tulips to brighten up a bathroom.

spring interior5

spring interior6Peonies not yet in full bloom…

spring interior7So colorful and happy!

spring interior8LOVE LOVE LOVE full bloomed peonies!

spring interior9interior spring

Glorious branches of dogwood.

What are your favorite spring flowers? Please share.



16 thoughts on “A Special Day!

  1. I like the selections and the light in your blog!
    I see we both welcome spring! It seems that Boston saw more snow this year than France did though! Happy blossoms.
    A bientot!


  2. The room with the vw bug photo is the best, minimalism is so hard to pull off…only if my house was this nice. Btw, thanks for following me!


  3. I am so thrilled to welcome spring, and everything that it brings – warmth, flowers, joy, new life! My absolute favorites are peonies…I LOVE the dining room space you’ve shown them in.


  4. I’m a simple girl. I have to say that I love my tulips, because the former owner of my home was kind enough to plant them, and they have come back every year without my involvement. Gotta love that!


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