DIY Live Love Laugh Easter Eggs

Another holiday on the horizon. Isn’t cool that our calendars are filled with special occasions for us to celebrate? Although we will be traveling this Easter, I’m still hopeful that we can have an Easter Egg Hunt for Ms. Zoey.

Kids are so precious and they light up over the most innocent things. Zoey clapped her hands like a silly girl when she saw me coming in to pick her up from school today. Seeing mommy after a long fun day with friends is definitely a reason to celebrate!

Everyday should be a LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH day. Echoing that theme, here’s the easiest DIY Easter egg decorating you’ll ever encounter.

I promise.

diy easter egg6Gold handwritten eggs in LIVE, LOVE, + LAUGH.

diy easter egg4My husband complains that I keep EVERYTHING. Truth is, I do. I have separation anxiety issues. This white bird cage was used for Zoey’s baby shower. I knew there was a reason for me to hang on to it.. so perfect for this project!

diy easter egg5I also made a few eggs with swirly designs.

diy easter egg2Supplies- Gold pen (I used gold glass paint because that’s all I had) and hard boiled eggs.

diy easter egg3diy easter eggBird’s nest made from random shredded papers.

Have fun Easter Egg decorating!



20 thoughts on “DIY Live Love Laugh Easter Eggs

  1. Beautiful – just add some glitter next!!! Love decorating from the most simple of things


  2. Love this! I have a sign hanging over my front door that says “Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much”. It’s my constant reminder to myself and everyone who enters or exits my house of the important things in life. I’m definitely going to have to make these eggs!


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