My Spring Blossom Bedroom

Happy Sunday! Today, we strolled the city for five hours and it was time well spent with the family. My work is demanding and the environment is fairly fast-paced so the weekends offer a good balance. Every Friday, I leave the office feeling accomplished no matter how crazy the week was.

I look forward to lazy weekend mornings when the kids join us in bed watching their favorite shows. There are times when they wake up way too early and I wish I could sleep in just a tad more. Axel was up before 6AM yesterday, it’s like…seriously?! Our bedroom is my sanctuary and I like keeping it calm, cozy and relaxing. I’ll admit, it doesn’t stay clutter-free for too long because the kids take over way too often with their clothes and toys. Oh— the toddler chaos!

Here’s a recent look at my bedroom with the Cherry blossoms making it so Spring!


Hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of our bedroom. In Instagram news…


Stay positive. Live life beautifully.



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