A Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: Saving Memories with Acrylic Prints

As a family, we take a lot of mini-adventures. With every little special field trip comes plenty of pictures. These pictures tell a story, help relive a moment in time and save memories that don’t happen again.

As a mother, the greatest gift is simply the most meaningful. For me, it’s photos of our family that’ll stand the test of time. The acrylic prints from Mixbook is just perfect for that reason. They have a glass-like finish that will preserve your photos for many years to come.


We recently took family pictures on Easter. I wanted one black and white version because it’s so classic. We had Mixbook print and deliver it in less than one week. This acrylic print now lives in our living room and provides such sweet memories of Easter Sunday morning when we took the kids up the hill and have them roam around the vast green grass.


To order that perfect gift for yourself or your mom at Mixbook.com. Using code: ZOE40 for 40% off Acrylic Prints, Expires May 22nd Midnight PST!


And here are some pictures of our Easter Sunday this year.


Have a great one!

In partnership with Mixbook.



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