DIY Vision / Inspirational Board

As seen on my previous post, An Inspirational Workspace, there’s a Vision Board  or Inspirational (whatever term gets you in the creative mode) right above my computer. I’ve always wanted a Vision Board to organize my thoughts, sentimental items, photos, etc. 

During the same period, my husband recently moved into his office at work. There was this really old, blue bulletin board that was waiting to be discarded. As fate would have it, this ugly blue bulletin board became my Vision Board! Now that I’m doing this post, I wish I would have taken a picture of how it used to look. I made my husband schlepped the big thing home and we gave it a face lift. 

The first step was measuring it and cutting it to the size that we wanted. The original size of the blue bulletin board was almost twice the size as mine. I got lucky and had this sturdy bulletin board as a foundation for my Vision Board. If you don’t have one, you can use a cork board or a hard foam board for this purpose. All can be purchase at Lowes/Home Depot. 

Canvas fabric can be purchased at any fabric store. They are generally really cheap at about $3-5/yard. Measure your board to make sure that you get enough fabric to cover the entire board and with extra to wrap around the back edges. I purchased the brass nail heads from Ebay. I can’t seem to track down my seller, but if I do, I will link it. The only adhesive that I used for this entire project is a general purpose adhesive spray which I sprayed directly on the board, not the fabric. 

This is the board after cut and wrapped with the canvas fabric. If your fabric comes with folding creases, iron them out. 

Before inserting the nail heads, I marked where I would place them after measuring the spaces evenly. At first, I just pushed them down with my thumbs, but after about the 100th one, I can’t feel my thumbs anymore so I gently used a hammer. These are upholstery nail heads so they didn’t dent. 

The great thing about a Vision Board is that there are no commitments. You can change its contents to whatever you like at anytime. Soon, this board will be filled with stuff from one of my projects. Currently, it’s a home for many sentimental things. 

I created this at a glance calendar using Adobe Illustrator. Since we have a big family, everyone’s bdays are on here for a quick and easy reminder. 

On the back side of this Tiffany’s necklace, I got Zoey’s name and bday engraved on it. A great way to keep your baby close to your heart, all the time!

Zoey’s ultrasound polaroid. Well, it’s not a real polaroid, I made it so it looks like one. I used these ‘polaroids’ as ornaments for our Xmas tree as seen in the pic in the About section. Makes it alot more personal.

Zoey’s tiny silver Mary Janes. So mommy will never forget how tiny her feet used to be!

I value this diamond and jade piece of jewelry. It’s a gift from my mom. 

Cards from my husband- they are the most valuable gifts that he gives me. I’ve a collection of them over the decade + that we’ve been together. 

Don’t damage your cards or photos with push pins, use tiny paper clips to hold them instead. 

A picture of me and my husband dancing the night away at our wedding reception. I love this picture, it captures the moment perfectly. 

So there you have it. My Vision Board. Perhaps, you can create your own as one of your weekend projects. 

Since the weather is warm today, Zoey and I are heading to the park for some mother and me bonding time on the swing!

Til next post, Kellie


24 thoughts on “DIY Vision / Inspirational Board

  1. Thanks for liking my post! This looks great, very professional. I’m in the process of bidding for an instant camera on ebay, the photos they produce are great for so many creative projects.


  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how you did this. It is simple, creative, and just stunning. Your sense of style is awesome. I wish I had a more creative work space. It is the one thing I am in lack of right now… for more inspiration. I am going to try this with a twist of my own. Thanks for sharing.


  3. i always wanted to make myself one of these but i still hadn’t have the time. yours is very inspiring indeed:D
    ps zoey’s so cute as well as your travel section and your honeymoon:D


  4. Great job on the vision board. The tacks really make it look snazzy. I suppose i have a vision board in my office, but it’s about 8 ft long and 4 ft high–its’ from a college and my husband found it next to a dumpster when the college was remodeling! I stretched fabric over mine, as the background was stained cork. Your baby is a doll!


  5. First time to your site… I really like your creativity and vision. I really like the little shoes, so cute. My goal is to do more of my own craft projects around the house. Thanks for the insperation.


  6. I love this inspirational board!! I saw a similar idea on another blog with essentially just magazine and paper clippings….this has much more dimension and is the perfect idea to place all of those special things I would want to admire. I am so glad I came across your blog!! Looking forward to looking through more of your posts!


  7. We are in the middle of making dream boards so we will surely try to involve some of your great ideas. Thanks!


  8. What a wonderful and intimate idea! So cooler than a scrapbook 🙂 Thanks for the post, I am so making one of these!

    What A Bloom is national Canadian floral company that has awesome flowers at great prices! They can make pretty much anything flower-related. Easter Flowers See for yourself!


  9. Beautiful board and items! I just re-did a cork board as my Inspiration board using scrapbook paper. It isn’t finished, and I may incorporate some of your details. LOVE the shoes. Even though my boys’ shoes aren’t sparkly, I do have an itty bitty pair of high tops that are adorable! You can see mine here if you are interested.
    It’s the fourth picture in the gallery. I should have done DIY post on it, but didn’t.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  10. Very pretty! I have an ugly tan corkboard that I might do that with! I used to work in the self help industry, and vision boards were a big thing for us, but right now I just have pictures taped to my wall. 🙂 It would be nice to create a more aesthetically pleasing board. 🙂


  11. It looks fantastic. Wish I could be as creative as you. I particularly like the photo of you and your husband dancing. So beautiful x


  12. loved it! And I have a bulletin board that’s just been waiting for some stroke of creativity! I love the idea of using paper clips too, so as not to damage cards/pictures. Great ideas!


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