White Brick Walls

I LOVE me a brick wall and wished that my home had one so I can paint it white. The look is so industrial, lofty, and super stylish! Here’s a roundup of my favs from my pinterest board, Abode.


Love the huge window and the natural light. Oh and the light source above the bed. AMAZING! via

This screams shabby chic to me- super inviting and comforting. via

Books galore on the window sill, how cool! via

Semi-obsessed with that huge art! via

This kitchen wall is most likely white marble, however, the arrangement of the marble tiles make it appear brick like. Still fabulous! via

I would like to call the pages above the bed ‘love notes’..imagine waking up to love notes every morning! via

Would die to have Zoey’s bday party in a space like this! So FAB!! via

Would you want a brick wall in your home? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie


16 thoughts on “White Brick Walls

  1. Beautiful photos! I’m so totally hooked recently on oversize art that I’m planning on trying my hand at painting one.


  2. I love white painted crick walls as well!!! Especially in loft style living with exposed metal pipes or in a house with wood beams….


  3. I would love to have one as well! I once saw an episode of House Hunters (in Atlanta) where the woman bought a condo downtown in a loft space that had been a factory. So not only did she have exposed brick walls everywhere, the one in her living room had been painted at with the logo at one time. It was faded enough to look so unique and beautiful. I loved it, though I realize it isn’t for everyone. That first white brick wall is my favorite.


  4. Love these photos! White brick walls look so clean and fresh – and I’ve always wanted that white subway tile in my kitchen! Dream house inspo!


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