Organizing Handbags

My life lacks organization right now. This is the one thing that I’m constantly struggling with. Although our new home provides four times the space compared to the previous one, it’s under renovation so nothing is where it’s supposed to be. There’s a vision to make the entire 3rd level the master suite with two full baths and designate the 4th level for the kids with a complete learning center. However, this won’t be completed until probably eons from now. It’s a dream in progress.

As of late, anything that makes my life a little more organized, I will gladly embrace! I don’t really have a walk-in closet for the time being, so my handbags get thrown wherever is convenient. I’m pretty much done with this chaotic system, so I ordered a spider coat rack to throw my bags on. It’s handy, neat, and serves the purpose pretty damn well.


organizing handbagsThis coat rack fits perfectly in a little nook in my bedroom. I also use it to hang hats and scarfs. Who knew a metal rod with arms sticking out would become my best friend?

Happy Spring!!


12 thoughts on “Organizing Handbags

  1. u just delivered a baby and u r still doing around with lots of things.. hw do u manage to do a post too with two kids.. i really appreciate it..


  2. I also used to have problems with storing my hand bags so as I usually buy good real letter ones I realised I have to do something about it. The only good solution I found is to put each of them in their own cloth-bag (so they won’t rub against each other) and store them on two shelves in my cupboard. Your spider coat rag is adorable but it doesn’t take a good care of your bags and the handles will be worn out very quickly. Hope this helps, Sara


  3. I’ve started using my handbags as pretty storage for other things. It looks great as a rack on my wall until I cone to want to use one of the bags and have to tip the scarves/gloves/hats onto the bed for the day! Xx


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