Sleeping Under Hearts & Stars

I can’t remember the last time Zoey fell asleep without me having to hug her until she dozes off. Sometimes it can take up to two freaking hours! Recently, it has been the hubs who’s the victim. They have to sing princess songs together until she tells him that she’s finally ready for bed. Usually, it’ll take about five princess songs until the torture is over. Luckily, the hubs knows EVERY princess song there is. So they’ll sing happily, loudly every single night.

But something happened last night. Something quite magical. Zoey told us to leave her alone. ALONE! She wanted to go to bed All. By. Herself. YEP. The magic itself was also in this whimsical fairytale-like teepee bed that we made for her.ย  Initially, the idea was to get her a tent for giggles. Then, we decided why not put her mattress in it? One thing led to another and the teepee was all decked out with gold paper garland (made by yours truly), white x-mas lights, and these IKEA string lights made out of hearts and stars.

Kid's room teepee by Le Zoe Musings 3

Zoey was sooo excited about her new ‘bed’. When all the string lights are on, she’ll say “I’m looking at the stars!” as she can see them through the teepee.

Kid's room teepee by Le Zoe Musings 6

Kid's room teepee by Le Zoe Musings 7

What kind of precious girl wouldn’t want a bed like this?! You see that flower pillow in her teepee? The hubs sewed that for Zoey right before she was born…

Kid's room teepee by Le Zoe Musings

Kid's room teepee by Le Zoe Musings 4

This teepee also has a window. Right before bed, Zoey closes the curtain for nighttime. Everything about this is all too precious.

Kid's room teepee by Le Zoe Musings 2

Kid's room teepee by Le Zoe Musings 8

And here are some updated photos of Zoey from tonight with her teepee getting ready for bed:

Kid's room teepee by Le Zoe Musings 9

Yesterday, we only had time to put on the white x-mas lights. While she was in school, I added the paper garland and IKEA heart/star string lights. As you can see, she was very pleasantly surprised. I told her to closed her eyes before entering her bedroom, when she opened them she said “That’s so pretty, thanks mommy!”

Kid's room teepee by Le Zoe Musings 91

Now that Zoey has her magical place to sleep, we need to make something as cool for Mr. Axel! What are your thoughts on Zoey’s teepee bed? Please share…

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend!

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38 thoughts on “Sleeping Under Hearts & Stars

  1. I love the bed. I’m hoping to make one for my small boys to share. Did you follow a tutorial or do you have any plans you could sketch up and post?


  2. Hi so glad I found your site. I’m loving everything and so going to replicate this for my little Ivy!! Where did u get the rug?


  3. What kind of white lights did you use? Are those 4 separate strings or one big one? Battery operated? Haha sorry for all the questions. It’s just so beautiful!


    1. Hi Katie! The white lights around the tent itself are just white stringed Christmas lights. The different shaped hanging lights are also string lights that we got from IKEA. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day. Best, Kellie


      1. Hi kellie, the mattress it’s a regular twin size?
        My son got the same tipi from my best friend today… I put his crib mattress looks good but I love how yours daughter tipi bed looks!!!


        1. Hi- her twin bed is a tad bit shorter than I regular one. We got ours at Ikea which also has two sectional ends to extend the mattress out as the kid grows. Hope that helps! -Kellie


  4. I am curious about these lights. How exactly did you hang them? I love this and want to do the same!


  5. I love this! I remember my dad building a boy version of this over my brother’s bed because he wasn’t used to sleeping in such a big room after we moved house. I think a little ‘nook’ can really help kids feel safe. This teepee is so beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love this! Our daughter refuses to sleep in her toddler bed…this would make everyone happy!!!


  7. That’s so awesome! I always made blanket forts with my sister when I was little, but my parents never let us sleep in them. She’ll definitely make some amazing memories in her teepee.


  8. Can’t wait to recreate this for my little one when she’s older! So beautifully put together x


  9. Love the new photo of you. Love the tent – we used a basic ikea one when we moved into our new house because our 2 year old was overwhelmed with a big room. She loved it! Maybe Axel gets a fort or tree house themed one?


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