Living Free…

Don’t you ever wish you can relive those childhood days when everything was so care-free? I remember always going to the park with my cousins after school and we’d stay there until the sun sets. Ran home for dinner, slept like a baby, and ready for next day’s adventure. I am so blessed to say that I actually can relive those moments- viraciously through my kids.

Zoey’s most favorite park is just a few steps away from her school.  After picking up the kids; we just head on over! Usually, it’ll be dinner time so I’ll pack us a picnic. We’ll sit on the hilly part of the grass, enjoy finger foods, and relish the precious moments with the kiddos. No care. Just living free…

So Free by Le Zoe Musings

Before heading to the swing, Zoey kicked off her shoes, ran around singing like it’s nobody’s business. I wish that I can keep all these memories in a magic memory bag so that she can open it anytime and relive her childhood when she grows up.

So Free by Le Zoe Musings 2

Mr. Axel, on the other hand just wants his thumb. That’s it. Just a thumb. Ladies, this gentleman is very low maintenance.

So Free by Le Zoe Musings 3

It doesn’t hurt that the park sits right next to the harbor with city views, sailboats, and the freshest air you can ever ask for.

So Free by Le Zoe Musings 5

And in other Axel news, he’s finally walking exclusively at 15 months. No more crawling although not quite running!

So Free by Le Zoe Musings 4

After all the rolling on the grass, falling on the rocks, and everything else in between, I can rest assured that I can clean their dirty clothes with All Free Clear laundry detergent. This is very important because our kids have very sensitive skin. So instead of worrying about their skin sensitivity problems; I can focus on happy mommy moments. #FreeToBe #LiveFree

Please click HERE for a coupon to All laundry detergent and thanks All Clear for sponsoring this post!

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7 thoughts on “Living Free…

  1. So sweet and true. Being a mama is all about seeing life again through young eyes.

    And I love All Free. Been our detergent since I had my first babe almost 12 years ago, never worry about any dermatitis.


  2. oh my! i remember going to the park with my sisters and cousins too when we were in “yay” high….such lighthearted memories 🙂


  3. What cutehearts… And such a pure,unadulterated post..
    I so wish we all could go back to being kids..


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