My Inner French Girl

The French Girl. How does she manage to effortlessly sit at a cafe, sip that gorgeous cup of latte and people watch for hours on end- by herself? Her confidence and aura captivates any room.

She is often seen strolling down the narrow alleyways with a bouquet of roses and a freshly baked baguette in her stylish ensemble. Where is she going? I’m sure she’s heading home after a busy day at the office to dress her beautifully arranged but simple chic apartment with those roses. They sit pretty on her white marble kitchen counter. And the baguette? Oh- they’re for her breakfast the next morning. Enjoyed with jam and perhaps butter accompanied by a cup of tea. But that’s just my guess…

My Inner French_Style_by Le Zoe Musings2

Here are some snapshots of me channeling my inner French girl.

My Inner French_Style_by Le Zoe Musings7

These beautiful brownstones are situated in my lovely neighborhood. Charming, quaint and very European-like. I absolutely love those ornate cast iron balconies.

My Inner French_Style_by Le Zoe Musings9

Every inner French girl needs a pair of red soles.

My Inner French_Style_by Le Zoe Musings5 copy

My Inner French_Style_by Le Zoe Musings8

My inner French girl outfit details: jacket/Banana Republic, blouse/H&M, jeans/Generra, heels/Louboutins, bag/Chanel, watch/Givenchy, bracelet/Hermes, sunnies/Ray-ban, scarf/Christian Dior.

My Inner French_Style_by Le Zoe Musings3

In Instagram news- 1. Axel took a sick day from school today 2. the moment when cream meets coffee #magic 3. stay hydrated the yummy way by adding fruits, berries and herbs into your water bottle #spawater 4. morning coffee #coffeetablesituation

Instagram Le Zoe Musings

On another note, I may be a little quiet on the blog for the next week. We are taking a week long vacation to a place we’ve never been to. Follow along on my Instagram HERE to see all the happenings from our vacay!

Kellie Van signature Le Zoe Musings4



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