Tomatoes, Toma(h)toes!

Each yr we grow our own tomato plants from seeds. This yr, things just got hectic  (thanks to Ms. Zoey!) and before we knew it, gardening season is upon us! So this past weekend, we did the unthinkable and bought some tomato plants. They actually look very promising and I look forward to harvesting them. 

All ready to go!

This is an interesting one. 

Growing too fast!

Have you started your garden and what interesting things are you growing? Please share! 

Til next post, Kellie


25 thoughts on “Tomatoes, Toma(h)toes!

  1. I have my seedlings tray and my seed packets and I’m promising myself that I’m going to get started on it today. I’m going to grow heirloom tomatoes that are supposed to be big, tasty and juicy, cherry tomatoes and basil for my homemade pesto I love to make. Not looking forward to preparing the garden to put them too because the crazy weather has turned it into an overgrown mess of spring flowers and weeds…


  2. Your daughter is beautiful! =) I have the Mr. Stripey heirloom tomato plant (a few other of the heirlooms too) in the garden now… They are doing great for me, may they give a bounty for your family!


  3. I have started some beans, a variety of lettuces, squash, pumpkins, herbs, cucumbers, zucchini – and since in my area we can’t plant outdoors until at least mid-May, I always like to have something green growing to lift my spirits. Loved your pics!


  4. Hah, that’s really cool. I love the idea of having a plant indoors that also produces. Tomato plants are so awesome, too. Love the pictures. It sucks when you run out of time to plant from seed, doesn’t it? 😦

    Oh well! They still look great 😀



  5. That you make me remember to go and see for some tomatoe plants, I would like them on my balcony this year, thanks ! I love the photo with your child on the red chair, so beautiful !!!


  6. I like to grow giant pumpkins. I plant one or two in my front yard. The vines run all the way from our house to the street, and the giant leaves are impressive . . .but not as impressive as the pumpkins! One year, we cleaned out two pumpkins and put our grandkids in them for a Halloween photo shoot. Zoe would look cute in a pumpkin! Happy gardenging from Pat, co-creator of Not Your Mother’s Book . . .on Grandparenting and Not You Mother’s Book . . .on Parenting published by Publishing Syndicate..


  7. I surely have started my garden–seedlings indoors and outdoors, and seeds sown directly in the garden as well. This is in addition to extensive perennial beds. Gardening is a form of optimism and creativity. What am I growing? My kids love the huge zucchinis in late summer; we grow arugula, swiss chard (the easiest, incredibly healthy thing ever), radishes, carrots, gladiolas for cutting, and a produce department’s range of veggies and herbs. Lots more on gardening on my blog/website!


    1. Kellie! I posted about tomatoes yesterday…oh how I love them!! I grew them once and didn’t have much luck. Looks like you have the perfect little helper! Thank you for sharing! xoxo pb


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