Outdoor Weddings

I’m a little bit in a wedding planning mode! Nope, it’s not for me…twice w/ the same man is more than enough! My sister is getting married early next yr so lucky for those of you who are planning a wedding, I will occasionally round up wedding ideas from my pinterest ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ board. 

Since it’s summer and such an ideal time to be married outside, here are some GORGEOUS outdoor wedding images to feast your eyes on. Well, just don’t feast, get inspired!

Swan origami ‘chandelier’- can you imagine having to hand make all those? I’m quite certain there’s no such thing as a swan origami making machine. image here

Also from the same origami wedding- aren’t these the CUTEST Mr. and Mrs. chairs? So simple, handwritten on a plank of wood!

A beautiful casual beach setting. Image here

Outdoor all white. image here

Wow!!! What a GORGEOUS dessert table. image here

Another beautiful outdoor dessert table. So simple but makes such an impact. I mean, they have 2 bosc pears + half a pomegranate. How can all those people eat just two pears?! Less is def more here. image here

What a clever Tiffany cake proposal box! Problem is, if I were being proposed to with this thing in front of me, I might just forget the question and get lost in the cuteness of this cake. Ring, what ring?! image here

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‘Til next post, Kellie.


20 thoughts on “Outdoor Weddings

  1. Gorgeous round up! I made 1000 paper cranes for our wedding 3 years ago. The ceremony was on a beach but the reception was in an underground cave. We saw this cave in candlelight and just fell in love with it. Luckily our guests also thought it was great. So while our reception was technically indoors, being in a cave still had an outdoorsy, nature feel.


  2. Great pictures! An outdoor wedding in the summer can be gorgeous! Because weather is always an issue, we did the ceremony outside and reception indoors


  3. WOW! Beautiful shots! Pls forgive me if this question is too personal, but did you and your hubby renew your wedding vows? I’ve been thinking about how amazing that would be for my hubby and I!


    1. Hi Jessica-

      Not too personal at all. Nope we didn’t renew our vows (we just had 2 different weddings in 2 different cities) but I think renewing vows would be a great thing to do and hope to do it someday! Best, Kellie


  4. I think outdoor weddings are fantastic! We were married outside and I would not have had it any other way!


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