Summer in the Harbor

What is your favorite childhood summer memory? Mine has always been this one time spending the day with my mother.  I will always remember that day, the blazing sun hovering over us as my mother and I sun dried vegetables out on our porch. Don’t know why but that’s my favorite memory. I think it’s the innocence of the moment, life was simple and pure. Uneventful and precious at the same time. Plus, when you’re REALLY young (preteen yrs) spending time with your mother was the BEST.

What my husband and I love to do now during the summer is spending time at the harbor. Before Zoey was born, we would go sailing on the weekends. It was such a relaxing routine after a long week of work. Haven’t done that yet this summer b/c Zoey is still too young.

This is the harbor (at sunset) where my husband would take us out to sail.

I hope to create summer memories that Zoey will cherish for a lifetime. To start a ritual that she can look forward to each summer. Maybe dinner nights at the garden? Or going to the beach and picking seashells in Cape Cod? Or perhaps taking the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard and biking around the island? Maybe we’ll find time to do them all every summer! 

What do you like to do during the summer and what are your favorite childhood memories? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


9 thoughts on “Summer in the Harbor

  1. Running. Wind in my hair, going nowhere in particular, probably through a field of overgrown grass. I don’t think it was so much the who, what, or where of the memory that was important but the feeling … I very clearly remember that I was too young to have body issues, crushes, or any of those stressful things.


  2. You’ll do the things you do & enjoy and just that will make them special for Zoey. My favourite memories are time spent at the beach, and also huge family dinners at whatever Chinese restaurant was in favour at the time.


  3. My personal favorite memories include driving to 4th of July fireworks in a small town near ours, where we would bring a picnic and lay out on blankets to watch an awesome display, and summers at a local pool. My friends and I would ride our bikes there everyday; we had just seen “Now and Then” and thought we were just like those girls!

    With my own family, we make we memories wherever we are (we are a military family, so we move all over the place and often). Right now, we are living in Italy, so our summer traditions include going to the beautiful Adriatic beaches, walking to the gelato shop in our little town, and traveling and sightseeing. Our big trips this summer are Paris and Garmisch, Germany. I loved your reminiscing of your childhood and hope my own children have the best memories of their own!

    P.S. I love all your posts-keep them coming!


  4. I really love this outfit! Gorgeous! I also love the innocent memories you shared with your childhood. Mine is when i would wait for my dad to come home and I would always fall asleep before he arrived, but every night he would find me and carry me upstairs to my room.


    1. Thanks! and what a precious memory you have of your father. I think my father used to do that to..carry me to my bedroom. Have a GREAT day. Best, Kellie.


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