New Bundle of Joy!

I  know there’s a lot of mommy/daddy (mom/dad to be)  readers out there so I want to dedicate this post to you! Are you planning your own baby shower or perhaps planning someone else’s baby shower soon? Here are some GREAT baby shower ideas from my pinterest board, Precious Cargo.

Whether it’s a boy, girl, or guess boy or girl (?) baby shower, you’ll find some cool and precious ideas from these amazing photos.

A story book baby shower. Image here.

Another story book baby shower. image here

Boy/girl twin baby shower cakes. image here

CUTEST cake ever. image here

Pop cakes- a MUST for baby showers! image here

Peter Rabbit boy baby shower. image here

image here

image here

LOVE the hanging of baby clothes! Another Peter rabbit for baby boy. image here

image here

image here

Is it a BOY or GIRL? All images below here

I remember on the day of Zoey’s baby shower, I had a 5 min meltdown. Part of it was wanting everything to go perfect, the other part was an emotional reality check: I’m gonna be a MOM!! In the end, it’s not about the decorations or the cake, it’s about sharing the anticipated arrival of your baby with your loved ones. Take it in and just relax.

Have fun planning your baby shower!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


12 thoughts on “New Bundle of Joy!

  1. When me and my imaginary girlfirend decide to settle down and have children… I will need you to come do all these things for me. My imaginary girlfriend HATES Pintrest…. says it’s “too confusing!” Well, that’s what I THINK she’s saying. Truth be told… I ordered her from a foreign web site, so who knows what the bloody ‘ell she’s really saying?!


  2. Kellie!! that looks awesome! my pinterest is all fashion but I def need some ideas for my sons baptism, you up for the challenge? Is going to be a brunch but is MBMFW and I have tons of events for that week so I need help!!
    Dee! Enter my Fab Giveaway!


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