Pleats & The Boston Public Library

Years ago, when I first step foot into the Boston Public Library, it completely changed the meaning of the word ‘library’ for me. This is not just any ordinary library, it’s the Boston Public Library (copley square)! I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. It was a complete architectural masterpiece with its massive marble staircase greeting you as you enter, the gorgeous chandeliers, renaissance murals, galleries, sky high arch vaulted ceilings, detailed crown moldings, etc.

The ‘feel’ of the space felt Parisian to me and of course I am in LOVE w/ all things French since my honeymoon trip to Paris. Dug a little deeper and I found out that in deed one of Charles McKim’s design influences stemmed from the Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève in Paris!

So I had a vision. The vision was to enjoy a cup of tea super early on a Sat. morning at the central courtyard (oh take me back to Paris!!) while shooting for an outfit post. The outfit of choice consisted of my newly acquired pleated skirt which I was on a quest to find (here’s the inspiration post) and a light creme hollister cardigan which has been on constant rotation for its versatility. Add some accessory details and I was ready to go!

Enjoy this outfit post as I take you on a mini tour of the BPL’s central courtyard!

Finding the perfect pleated skirt was tricky b/c I’m short and didn’t want the length and movement of the pleats to overwhelm my figure. I was very hesitant to get this one but my sis from NYC convinced me to go for it.  The metallic sheen scared me a little but now I think its unique & cool!

I SUPER LOVE this cardigan!

AMAZING grande arches!

IPAD 3. The BPL offers free internet service for members. 

Just so happens that my red toes matched my red bag!

On a beautiful Saturday morning!

Rows and rows of white flowers lining the walkway.

Reminds me of cafes in Paris!

The pleats fall back into place nicely even after sitting on it for a while.

Snatched this Valentino bag during our honeymoon trip to Tuscany! Shopping in Europe is like no other! Sometimes, this doubles as my ‘diaper’ bag. To see a collection of my ‘diaper’ bags, please click here

Just scored my 3rd pair of Oscar de la Renta sunnies. They are the BEST for their comfortable and light fitting.

Gorgeous fountain in the middle of the courtyard.

I absolutely LOVE Givenchy accessories. They are so classy and elegant.

A peek inside Bates Hall. Image via

Night lights outside the main entry way. How romantic and stylish does this look?! Image via

My sister from Miami came with me. It was nice to spend some creative, relaxing time with her. I gave her some lessons with the camera and had the settings preset. After a few mins, she snapped like a pro. Combined w/ my photo editing skillz, I think we made an excellent team!

Perhaps one day, I will take you inside the BPL.

‘Til next post, Kellie.


60 thoughts on “Pleats & The Boston Public Library

  1. That pleated skirt is beautiful! My mother, who was young in the 1940s, had a full pleated skirt similar to the one you have here, but in a different fabric. I absolutely love the look and would wear it anytime!


  2. I love that you mixed widely available pieces (H&M, Hollister) with more high-end pieces in your look. This shows an appreciation for fashion designers (and their artistry) from all walks of life. And it also shows your readers that ladies with any type of bank account can be fashionable! 🙂


        1. Tell me about it, I have to have a big bag with my little one going on 2 in a month… we can’t carry the diaper bag any more and the emergency items go in the purse! 🙂 Your style is beautiful!

          Take care, Jo


  3. Beautiful post! I love also Paris because I met muy husband there, the most romantic city ever!


  4. Obsessed with pleated skirts right now! Just got one yesterday from the lauren conrad collection at Kohls..loveee yours too!


  5. I lived in Boston for a year and your pics remind me of how much I miss Boston! Also, I’m a fan of pleated skirts & saw the skirt in H&M but didn’t think it would work with my wardrobe. You managed to pull it off nicely though! 🙂


  6. Love your outfit! The library looks stunning! I was just in Boston for the July 4th holiday with my husband and we drove past Copley Square but didn’t have enough time to fully explore it. Seeing your photos put it at the top of my list next visit!


  7. Beautiful post and GREAT choice of skirt. I’d love to know what brand skirt that is or where you found it, as I’ve got my eye out for pleats right now and that metallic will really be perfect transitional into fall.


  8. “Just so happens that my red toes matched my red bag”….you tease us! (smile)…I really do not believe that such things are happenstance in your life! Love this post…that skirt (gorgeous!) and cardigan combo ROCKS! So wonderful you had that time with sis! Hugs, D


      1. I believe you! Went shopping the other day…3 different places and at the end of the day (without consciously planning) I had purchased 5 tops, a pair of shorts and a pair of crop pants…..all inter-changeable/mix ‘n’ match!! I couldn’t do that if I had planned it!!!!


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