Whoopie Pie Spiders

Happy (almost) Halloween everyone! What’s everyone being for Halloween? We are not sure where we are taking Zoey trick or treating tomorrow but looking forward to some fun times!

If you are planning to throw a Halloween get-together, here’s a really SIMPLE scary Halloween treat that’s fun to look at and super YUMMY! Not to mention, easy to assemble- your kids will LOVE making these Whoopie Pie Spiders!

Cool AND scary!

Ingredients: chocolate whoopie pies as spider bodies, chocolate covered pretzels as spider legs, and hard candy skulls as eyes.

Have a GREAT day and enjoy those yummy scary treats!


21 thoughts on “Whoopie Pie Spiders

  1. It’s amazing and really looks good. I’m gonna try making some of these too. Just for fun 😀


      1. He is a giraffe. I will have to post some pictures. Can’t wait to see how adorable your little one looks!


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