Daddy And Z In The City

This past weekend we went into the city for a baby shower. It’s interesting to see the interaction b/w the husband and Zoey as they traveled hand in hand.

DADDY AND ZAt the train station.

DADDY AND Z2It’s important to keep her warm and stylish. After all, she is a city gal.

DADDY AND Z3DADDY AND Z6At the baby shower, Zoey took most of the decor off the table. Here, she’s sharing with her little cousin.

DADDY AND Z8We made several stops on the way home as Zoey was curious about random things.

DADDY AND Z5DADDY AND Z4More pics from the baby shower later…



18 thoughts on “Daddy And Z In The City

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog – I have added your’s to my google reader.

    Your pics are fabulous! Wish I could photograph so well …




  2. Your photos are amazing. Have you considered becoming a professional? Like selling your prints or doing shoots for people?


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