The Bride

So many pictures to sift through…where to even begin? I think starting with The Bride seems to make the most sense.

Here are some images of my sister as she was getting ready. Gorgeous and classy but yet so spunky (wait ’til you see her heels!).

bridebride2Our oldest sister helped her put on her veil (which was made by the oldest sis, herself!). We are one crafty family. 

bride4bride7The day started off with her wearing a red Chinese wedding dress for the morning ceremony. Later she changed into her white wedding dress.


bride6bride5Only she can pull off major red lips so well! Lipcolor by Chanel Rouge Allure 67 Excessive. 

bride8I wished that I would’ve captured more of her reflection on the mirror..sigh.

bride9We made A LOT of flower balls for her wedding. It’s a really simple DIY project which I will write a post about separately, later.

bride91bride92Even if the night becomes a blur, the memories will last forever.

More wedding pics and wedding diy projects to come…

** On a side note, I don’t envy their future children’s last name one bit. They will ALWAYS be last in line for lunch at school. Why didn’t we ever stand in reversed alphabetical order?! I paid for having VAN as a last name but it’s not as bad as Zhu!


31 thoughts on “The Bride

  1. Thats exactly the dress I want!!! Your sister looks gorgeous, I hope I have a photographer as good as you.


  2. I made the veil by myself and my twin sister, we had a swatch of fabric from the wedding dress and matched it with ribbon from Liberty and pinned the bow to a veil bought from eBay. I knew a traditional veil wouldn’t suit me and loved what we came up with.


  3. Absolutely stunning. Very unique, I really like how the white headpiece adds some lightness and tenderness to a dramatic and breathtaking dress. Congrats to the newlyweds!


  4. You did mightly well! She pulled off those lipstick and heels really well! Waiting for more photos, and yes, the tutorial. I have been eyeing the flower ball since you first posted it


  5. Lovely bride and great photos — your sister does pull off red very well! Lol, well, at least Zhu is not a last name with 20 letters that the kid would have to spend half his time writing out! Love that very last photo!


  6. I yelled out loud when I saw the Betsy Johnson shoes… absolutely deliciously the frosting on the entire ensemble. Of course the photography was fantastic, the mood set beautifully. I look forward to more!!


  7. Gorgeous. I love love loved all the Instagram pics you posted as it was going on!! Gorgeous wedding and all the craftyness was sublime.

    Best wishes of health and happiness to the bride & groom!!!

    ❤ Jules


  8. Love it 🙂 Is she wearing a traditional wedding dress? I like seeing wedding celebrations and wedding dresses that aren’t very Western, like a white wedding dress etc.


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