Inspired By Home

For the past couple of weeks, me and my husband have been looking for our dream home 24/7. We talk about it, live it, and breathe it. What started out as just a casual remark “We’re outgrowing our space, let’s look for fun and see what’s out there.” has turned into a day and night obsession.

The turning point from looking casually to being on a mission happened late one night. The hubs and I saw a brownstone penthouse listing that we declared was our ‘dream’ home. This would be IT for us. We stayed up all night talking about how we were going to decorate the space, what furniture to fill up the roof deck, etc. We were SO certain and excited that it was ours only to find out that another buyer has moved quicker.

Talk about reality check and heartbroken. If were going to look, we needed to be serious and move quick.

Anyhow, because I’m all about home now-a-days, here’s a roundup from my Pinterest on some of the interior decor inspirations that I NEED for our lovely new home (someday…soon).

Click on image for source.

homeThis is a MUST for my new home! Gold art wallpaper. I’ve already told the husband and I think he’s sold!

home2Another MUST? A chalkboard wall, preferably in the kitchen so Zoey can doodle while I cook. Although, I must admit…I’m so digging this gold framed chalkboard. It’s definitely less committal than painting an entire wall.


I am completely obsessed with the idea of finding a huge thrifted French dresser,  painting it white, and adding vintage gold or glass knobs to it. Loving the one above.

home4My bathroom will possess a clawfoot tub…eventually.

home5We saw a house with white brick walls yesterday and I was love-strucken!

home6A neat idea for storing pots. Both mobile and cool.

home7I would totally neatly display my blouses and dresses on a shopping clothes rack! I think I would paint it white though.

home8And of course I’m also thinking about Zoey’s room. How awesome is this organizing shelf unit with the different background? Sigh…ideas, ideas!

Hope these also inspired you. Follow me on Pinterest for a daily dose of inspiration!

Happy Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “Inspired By Home

  1. I’m sorry to hear about that house. That’s happened to us before with apartments. I love all those ideas, though. I hope you can find a vintage dresser!


  2. I enjoy your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster blog award. I love how beautiful it is and how inspiring it is visually and also informative. It is a treat and a feast to the eyes. Also, I wish you much success finding the home of your dreams and much fun decorating it. I am sure that it will be beautiful and I hope you share the journey with us as well. You can read more about the award in today’s post


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