House Hunting 2

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well.

Here’s the 2nd installment of my House Hunting mini-series. Admittedly, the neighborhood was not one that we originally would have considered. Not sure why, b/c it’s still in the city and it has actually became one of our top (if not TOP) areas of choice. I was blown away by how pretty the streets were…spacious, gorgeous brownstones (w/ massive windows), quaint, and full of charm. Immediately, I can see us living here forever (almost).

In many ways, this house was the house of our dreams. It fulfilled almost everything on our checklist- character, bay windows, high ceilings, original ornate marble fireplaces (4 including one in the master bathroom!!), incredible kitchen, ceiling medallions, private green space, etc. 

Bonuses were white brick walls (LOVE), built-in shelf units, and a 3rd bathroom with a mini-tub for Zoey! The master suite was to die for, taking up an entire floor with its private level. I wished that I could have shared more images of the house but the homeowner still had personal photos around. I had to be selective of what photos to post.

Anyhow, what wasn’t ideal was that the house had 4 living levels (not including a 5th basement level). Imagine going up and down the stairs all day! If Zoey got lost, I wouldn’t know where to find her! Also, for such a steep price tag, you would think that there’s a private parking space. NOPE. Street parking only. Another NO-NO? There wasn’t any nearby parks with a playground. My Z needs to be a kid and get her hands dirty!

Sigh…we will keep marching forward. It’s a shame b/c I can totally see myself adding fabulous touches to this home!

house hunting 2What do you think of this Victorian-style Brownstone home? It’s def. quite a contrast from House Hunting 1!

Images via instagram. Follow me there for instant happenings!

Happy Mother’s Day!


16 thoughts on “House Hunting 2

  1. We live in a three storey home and you get used to the stairs, we have a kettle in the bedroom so we don’t have to go two flights for morning drinks, and wet wipes on any floor without running water so you’re not running a mile for a damp cloth when accidents or sticky fingers happen! I can understand the parking and the park objections though – some things you just cant fix.


  2. Beautiful home – not a house, but this one really shouts home.
    BUT – i cannot imagine myself or anyone of us climbing all the way up just to sleep at the end of a tired day…


  3. We fell in love with and bought a charming Victorian terrace when we first married. Three children and two renovations later we’re still here. We’ve never moved because we just can’t give up the inner city lifestyle. My kids are teenagers now and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I joke that with all those stairs I don’t need a gym subscription. Here’s hoping you find the soul and character of a brownstone in another house.


  4. This one definitely has a warmer feel than the last and more character. It does look like a lot to navigate though. I was searching for a home for over a year before I finally had to do a bit of compromising. Keep searching, when you find the right one, you’ll know!


  5. I love the details in this house, but I can’t imagine having 5 floors to fill! I hope you find your dream house soon.


  6. Reminds me of the Victorian/Georgian houses here in England which I absolutely adore! Good luck on your house-hunting! =) All the best, Dean.


  7. I love the details in this home. I am going through the same process in West Virginia, and let me tell you, it is no fun. We have looked at more than a dozen now, and they all disappoint you in some way. At this point, we are just trying to find one that doesn’t have a dealbreaker quality to it because location, size, yard space, and kitchen size are all important. Good luck! Keep us informed!


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